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7% Unofficial Election Results as of 5PM – May 9, 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
According to GMA, this is the unofficial partial results of the May 9, 2015 Philippine Election.

The data was obtained from the automatic transparency report via the VCM machine generator that media has access of. However, this does not reflect the end results yet. This is only 7% of the clustered turnout.  Therefor partial and unofficial.

2nd Part:  Result2

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Best Actress: Grace Poe Lies via CNN

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is unbelievable watching Grace Poe lied in front of the camera. As a PR enthusiast covering political news, it is still fresh in my mind Grace Poe’s embracing the “Daang Matuwid” slogan.

Now that the “Daang Matuwid” dream becomes sour, Grace Poe’s strategy is to go against the administration. Well, in fact she disclosed that the reason why she ran for President is to be the “alternative”. Alternative of Mar Roxas? She also has the guts to praise herself in going against Pnoy this time but her words are contradicting each orther.

Her lines saying that the government is not attentive to problems like Mamasapano, MRT and other public service problems are just a mere act on TV because she is the alternative administration bet of Mar Roxas. As Visayans put it: Langaw nga pula ug lubot – and that is Grace Poe in action.

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Enrile Nailed Evidence of Demolition Job Against Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No one could have guessed how the supposed to be last senate hearing that was publicized to be the event that would nail Vice President Jejomar Binay into the corruption allegations thrown at him by the Blue Ribbon Committee would end up cleariing him with such caucus. Enrile concluded that “the final hearing highlighted the fact that the resource persons, particularly Bondal and Mercado, have no personal knowledge whatsoever of the issues on which they had testified.” Therefore, they are merely hearsay evidences that would not stand in any court – but only tolerated by Senator Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel to desperately demolish Binay’s chances of becoming president during the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

Now that the plot to discredit the Vice President is now clearer than ever, it is sad to say, that some media are also taking part of the said demolition job particularly Inquirer. The strategy uses public “mind conditioning” through make up stories created by the Inquirer, used as materials for the televized senate hearings – then echoed by other media using “alleged” wording to protect themselves from libel. This word is used when the reporter do not have personal knowledge on the stories told – or not verified by the team of the network. When disputed, they can easily vouch that they are just relating the stories told by the Inquirer.

Many negative things are said and done to Vice President Binay – and when it’s true that “the truth will set him free”, what could be the punishment for the Blue Ribbon Senators who abused their power for their own interests? Wasting the people’s time, money and neglecting their real jobs. Unseat them? Prosecute them? However, knowing Vice President Jejomar Binay, who vowed to be a unifying president, for sure they will be forgiven. This will be a good thing because when you do not hurt back your enemies, “peace” will prevail and we need that for nation building.
Image Source: The Daily Tribune

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Media is Riding on Binay’s Popularity

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The alleged booing of Vice President Jejomar Binay in Cebu created a social media frenzy – arguing that he was not really booed. However, anti-Binay’s reactions are already expected. So much lies have been said over and over again but this time, it’s different. Most Binay supporters who used to be very quiet are now out in the open ready to defend the Vice President. This did not come as a surprise after Binay leads in most presidential poll surveys not only in Luzon but also in most parts of Mindanao and the Visayas – particularly Cebu!

As usual even during the digital age, the masses still believe in what is reported in the news, especially the headlines. Therefore most media always flash controversial titles to attract the pubic – then it’s up to you to read the full story. The problem is, most readers will not bother to do that. They only get excited with half-truth especially when it’s in their favor.

Other media like GMA who is more reliable than others is also playing safe using the word “allegedly” or “umano o diumano” in Filipino. Meaning, they did not witness it themselves. They have their own coverage but nothing like what is reported by others. Take the case of this news reported by Pia Arcanghel – watch the video here: (According to Inquirer and Rappler, the Vice President was “allegedly” booed). So why can’t they report that Binay was booed if that is really the case? This is a clear case of “riding on the Vice President’s popularity. Nothing is wrong with that. Just a strategy to boost audience impact for as long as it does not mislead the viewers – but sad to say, It did.

However, a good and truthful media coverage for a certain story should be precise and truthful plus verified by the reporter himself or herself. Read this story from SunStar with very clear headline and factual details:

If all media will report like this, then there will be no frenzy – just facts. No chaos because only few heard it – and majority did not. Was Binay really booed? Yes and No – it depends on who heard it!
Image Source: Mini Balita

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Media was Wrong – Binay was not Booed in Cebu

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sad to say that we can now tell which media are paid by the political enemies of Vice President Jejomar Binay. They are not smart at all publishing that Binay was allegedly booed in Cebu and his speech was shorten because it was not the case at all. Media people swear to the bible to say the truth and nothing but the truth – but life is getting harder for these corrupt media men and women. That’s why they have to accept bribe to ruin VP Binay’s visit in Cebu.

Take this account from Leslie Anne Umaly: Is that the look of someone who was boo-ed by thousands of people in the crowd? I’m constantly bewildered by our capacity to just consider truth whatever media outfits publish. A friend of mine was there and she recounted a different story. That there was a contingent from an opposing political party that heckled (and is that really something news-worthy?), that at the time of the supposed boo-ing, wala pang 10,000 ang crowd sa venue. And that there was no speech that was cut short because apparently, VP Binay has been a devotee of Sto Niño and for the past four years that he’s been to Sinulog festivities, the most he says is a greeting and Viva Pit Señor — which was what he was able to say today. Fearless and breaking news need to be truthful. More so now in an election season where news can paint a specific image of a candidate. Napakalayo nito sa Balanced views, Fearless News.

Another comment from Evelyn A. Giangan: ang media rana nag mugna nga ge boo c binay sa sinulog day…. saon kay nag una man jud c binay sa survey labi na diri cebu

Also try to watch the video here if you see any booing happening:

Look some Media people – you are giving a bad name to Media but it will be in vain – because many responsible media people will oppose your wrong doing. Please do the right thing so that it will not boomerang to you in the near future.

Image Source: Coolbuster