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Pnoy Humiliated: No Justice, No Peace, Stop Killings in the Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This news was never on Local Tri-Media:

Posted by Bongbong Marcos 2016 on Friday, January 2, 2015

A woman bravely expressed her sentiments towards the startled Pnoy or President Aquino while speaking in a forum – on the billions of pesos donations for Yolanda victims that allegedly did not reach the real benefactors at all or in time when needed very badly. Why was this news not on TV?

Isang babae ang nagpahayag ng kanyang saloobin sa isang forum na dinaluhan ni Pres. Aquino.Kinondena kung saan napunta ang bilyon na donasyon para sa Bagyong Yolanda o Haiyan. Bakit kaya di ito ipinamalita sa tv? **kudzie**

It is however consistent to this Audio Recording of Vice President Binay’s TSONA:

Posted at Youtube By: Widus Bogart
So this desperate action by a mere brave Filipino citizen, hereby proves that the allegations of Vice President Jejomar Binay against the Aquino administration are indeed felt by some Filipinos if not the general Philippine public. So, who’s the boss of President Aquino then if that is the case?

The lady was escorted out of the forum venue but not before she repeatedly shouted and showed the banner saying; No Justice, No Peace, Stop Killings in the Philippines!
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Binay’s TSONA are Factual to Sensible Filipinos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Listen to this Audio Recording of Vice President Binay’s TSONA:

Posted at Youtube By: Widus Bogart

The following are the 3 main messages of the True State of the Nation Address:
1. The Government should prioritize giving quality services to the public
2. The People are the drivers of economy so, they should be empowered
3. Honor the real heroes of the country: SAF 44 – the military as a whole, OFWs – along with teachers, laborers, fishermen, farmers and the likes

Who can deny that? Only close-minded people right?Individuals who put organizers or venue heads in hot water are truly bias –   like the one reported at Inquirer . Never mind, it looks like the students are greatly empowered which is a good news. Going forward it’s not the mistakes of the previous governments that matter but it’s what the government can do in the future – hand in hand with its citizens! Now you know why the palace had to hit back on Binay as per Manila Bulletin.

Image Source: Manila Bulletin

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Butch Abad is Plunder Guilty for DAP – Father of AMLC’s Julia Abad

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan, former president of the Philippine Constitutional Association (Philconsa), filed a motion before the Sandiganbayan with Abad as the principal accused in the plunder and graft cases against detained Sens. Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, and Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines indicates that a principal accused is the one who has direct part in the execution of a crime – as well as directly forces or induces others to take part in the wrong-doing. He was confident in saying that Abad is the most guilty because he authorized the issuance of the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO). He also issued the notices for cash allocations according as noted by  CNN Philippines.

This can only explain why another Abad of all qualified people can be AMLC’s executive director. It was remembered in the Tribune’s report that: Joey Salgado who is Binay’s head for media affairs clarified that AMLC maliciously interpreted the money transfers to Synnovate, Synnovate Ltd. and David Rink Consultancies in Canada as illegal without checking. Had they done that, they should have known they were paid for market research transactions and not as deposits as accused. This has misled the Court of Appeals in ordering the freezing of Binay’s legitimate bank accounts.

The big question is, why did Pnoy as President allowed Abad’s connivance with AMLC if this is not part of the demolition move against Vice President Jejomar Binay for 2016 if he really is for the “straight path”?
Image Source: CNN Philippines

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Government Mismanagement: UP Student Stabbed at Campus Lucky to have a Dorm

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I almost believed the gossips saying that there’s no real sleeping out of dorm incident at the state-owned University of the Philippines for the best students in the country – but only a sort of demonstration staging until I was seated next to my nephew in a birthday dinner who was stabbed earlier inside the UP campus. He bravely survived his ordeal despite the life-threatening situation but we cannot forget how poor the facilities were when he was first rushed by his dorm mate to a public hospital in Quezon City before we were able to transfer him into a private hospital. We were just thankful that he’s okay now.

He just expressed his sentiments to me how he pitied the newly enrolled first year scholars. Although older students accommodated some of them by minimizing the space like making their beds L-shape so that another person can insert a mattress, that move was not enough to shelter around 840 displaced students, thus triggering them to sleep at the pavement of Kalayaan Avenue. It was tolerable he said until the bed bugs started to bite his new colleagues off. He added that if he was not stabbed in the same spot, he won’t be prioritized with where he is now. So, I said; blessing in disguise? Though I cannot hold myself from being sarcastic and blurted out – a total mismanagement! If the government cannot manage a school, how much more manage the whole country? Infrastructures, roads, transportation means, hospitals and schools are economic drivers. No wonder we lost the FIBA bid to host the World Cup to China as per CNN Philippines’ report.

Nathanielsz of FIBA said that China is a “conservative country that allocates their resources more on public improvements.” China boasted their capabilities in hosting international sporting events such as the 2008 Olympics and their modern facilities as a host country. Our chance indeed is for the next administration, to prioritize infrastructure developments and other public services that would support commercial endeavors like what Vice President Jejomar Binay did in Makati.
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Pnoy Instilling Dictatorship System before Leaving – Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay respected the previous speculation that Pnoy will be running for a second term for as long as the “voice” that motivates that really comes from the majority of the Filipino people. However, that scenario came to an end when the President finally endorsed Mar Roxas as his choice for the next President who can continue his alleged “Straight Path” motto in 2016.

Binay added also during previous interview with Inquirer that the administration is instilling a three-phased plan in forming a dictatorial government. One aspect was when the judiciary’s power was destroyed by controlling the Supreme Court, Court of appeals and Sandiganbayan with his appointees, and then the office of the Vice President – by constantly ignoring his inputs especially on government moves that were unconstitutional. Finally on the third phase, once both are within their control, a dictatorial government can already be functioning since the co-equal judiciary branch is already conniving with the Executive office.

This is indeed a real theory that can be felt in the events that are taking place in the Supreme Court with Chief Justice’s Sereno’s scolding the younger Mayor Binay’s lawyer for following the Doctrine of Condonation mandated by the Constitution.
Image Source: Kicker Daily News