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Robredo-Aquino: Husbands’ Deaths Staged for Public Sympathy?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former President Corazon Aquino’s entry to the top public office happened because her late husband then Senator Ninoy Aquino who intended to topple the late President Ferdinand Marcos was assassinated upon his arrival at the airport tarmac. Marcos warned him not to come back considering the unrest at that time – that might endanger him, but he was quoted as saying; the Filipinos are worth dying for. It was a perfect drama and so, majority of the Filipinos were influenced to vote for Cory but Marcos still won, thus the birth of the Edsa People’s Power revolution that instilled her into power in 1986.

Despite Cory becoming president plus her son Noynoy continuing another presidential term after her, the crime remained unsolved. They can only blame Marcos but imprisoned military men who were part of the security team confessed that the alleged mastermind of the killing was Eduardo Cojuanco – a kin of Cory Aquino.

Now, many Filipinos can’t help but wonder if Jesse Robredo’s, Leni’s husband’s 2-engine light aircraft crash was an accident or staged for his widow to get sympathy votes? What do you think?

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Bicolanos are more Dismayed now with Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bicolanos were not very happy when when Leni Robredo announced her bid for the vice presidency last October 5, Bicolanos became more divided on who to vote for in the position in 2016 as Dr Vasil Victoria, a faculty member of the Ateneo de Naga University (ADNU), explained that with Robredo’s adding to the Vice President candidate from Bicol would divide the region more than ever with 3 already running at that time namely; Antonio Trillanes !V, Senator Gringo Honasan and Chiz Escudero

Thereby, making Leni not the favorite among Bicolanos whom many favored her toughest rival Senator Bongbong Marcos for the position instead. The declaration for the winner is uncertain pending investigation on tampered server script that prompted Senator Marcos to demand for the Official Canvass Certificates first before accepting defeat due to some proofs of manipulation of votes that possibly resulted from fraudulent activities by the Liberal Party.

Many Bicolanos are disgusted over Leni’s acting like a willing accomplice of the Liberal Party’s cheating activities. When Marcos was leading, she was very confident that she will win. Pastor Boy Saycon also texted; We cannot support Robredo, now a product of Noynoy-Roxas-Ochoa conspiracy having failed with Mar and Grace. Noynoy destroyed our democracy.

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United Anti Liberal Alliance Played their Part Well

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
These 3 presidentiables have different styles but they have one common goal – to topple the Liberal Party in the top position. Agreements, strategies and approaches changed based on progress and sentiments of the people – but it did not matter anymore. Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory is outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Merriam Defensor Santiago’s victory as well!

Binay has called on his supporters to unite and support Duterte’s presidency after they asked “where their votes went?” Perhaps, only the die-hard Binay supporters were accounted in the final number of votes that went to him. The rest obviously went to Duterte after he refused to address the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the corruption allegations against him. It was evident that he had only the TV advertisements, traditional campaign tours and selective clustered appearances unlike Duterte’s well-funded events and promotional stints both online and physical.

Same is true with Santiago – but this one is very obvious – only TV interviews and school appearances as guest speaker. She did not even have a campaign tour. Just to run not to win – but to pair with Bongbong Marcos who can safeguard the presidency of Duterte -since Liberal Party cannot accept Marcos to be president when the alleged plan to impeach him with Drilon in the senate majority surfaces. However, the Vice Presidential Race results are still pending.

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VP Race Reading of Official Canvass Starts May 23, 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Headlines can be misleading but this is not media’s fault since they are trained to create compelling titles to ignite the interests of the public. Both Senator Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo are positive that they have won the race during media interviews – and why not? It is their right to say what they really feel.

Bottom line is, readers must be responsible enough to read, listen and watch for the details. It’s information given for free – and it is your privilege to do so because whichever courts you go for being misled, you won’t win. The media is covered in the details of their reports therefore no Libel case can be filed – and for the candidates, it’s basic human rights.

The actual score is, at the moment provincial, cities and overseas clustered precincts submit the Certificate of Canvass to the Board of Canvassers then the reading of each will start only on May 23, 2016 when congress resumes.

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History Repeats Itself on Official Canvass: Then Macapagal vs Marcos now Robredo vs Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Seniors are nostalgic with what’s happening now – like Hilario Andes from Binay Brigade. He was quoted as saying that the 9th President of the Philippines, Diosdado Macapagal might lost during the 1965 national election to President Ferdinand Marcos on his reelection bid but won the hearts of many.

It was remembered that despite supporters fighting for him, he insisted on sticking to the results of the Official Canvass – telling everyone to hear the voice of the majority. Marcos was declared victorious and became the 10th Philippine President who’s named is now tinted with the martial law regime aftermath despite putting the country on the world map as the richest in Asia.

Now, the hope for Marcos supporters are also in a brim when controversies overshadow the inconsistent results of the Unofficial Partial Transparency Count via the server for the Vice Presidency race between Liberal Party’s bet Leni Robredo and former President Marcos’s son, Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. better known as Bongbong. Who will emerge as winner and who will make sacrifices? It remains to be seen if the full history will be repeated – to avoid unnecessary unrest.