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Jojo Binay is one with Duterte’s healing and unity goals

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Campaign fights are all over after the May 9, 2016 election. The incoming President Rodrigo Duterte is now in his healing and unity mood and this has been respected by his presidential opponents who were quick to concede.

As per the words of the good outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay; I have repeatedly called for respecting institutions and the democratic process. Once the process is completed, we should always respect the outcome. We should all move towards healing and unity for our divided land.

Indeed, it will be a tough job for the new President. Are people really ready to change or the time will come to witness a bloody disciplinarian action? Hope not – still wishing for the best in the Philippines.

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Progress of Makati and Sister Cities Assured with Binay’s Team

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Now that the financial district Makati City is back in the management of outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay’s family and peers – after his daughter, Congresswoman Abby Binay, was proclaimed as the city’s new mayor last Tuesday morning, residents of Makati can now be rest assured that the quality of public services there will not deteriorate. In fact, it can only improve with the qualified team members vowing to work together for the people’s welfare. The progress will also allow Makati to take care of its sister LGUs all over the country.

Abby Binay beat incumbent Mayor Kid Peña at 15,684 votes margin. Monique Lagdameo, Binay’s running mate, also won as vice mayor at 166,450 votes.

Her husband, Luis Campos belonging to the influencial Nakpil clan, also replaced her as representative of Makati’s 2nd district along with actor and taekwondo athlete Monsour del Rosario for the 1st district. Very dashing Makati congressmen and empowered ladies indeed who are seen to be hands on to the city’s public service efforts.

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Why People Believe that Marcos is Cheated?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many Filipinos not just the media have monitored the results of the National Election on May 9, 2016 – and it came smoothly with the Presidential outcome with its constant and steady ratio of partial counts as per the transparent server source accessible to the media as it goes along.

However, with the Vice Presidential counts, only until 60% of the partial unofficial results are consistent within the day itself with Senator Bongbong Marcos leading at almost 1 million votes. When people turned on to the news the next day, it was another story. Senator Chiz Escudero’s votes decreases as Leni Robredo’s of the Liberal party increases – beating the almost 1 million lead of Senator Marcos.

People in the IT business or those with technical knowledge would see the relevance of the sudden switch of votes – since it is hard to cheat using the individual ballots as reported earlier. With the computerized system the results can be manipulated through the reports generated by the server itself. It’s just a matter of pushing few buttons to customize the fields of the numbers – to program it to the desired outcome. Given the much publicized disapproval of President Noynoy Aquino of the Marcoses’ return into the executive office – Leni would be in the bad light in the eyes of the Filipino majority if she wins. Check these links out:

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Mayor Abby Binay of Makati: Restored Legacy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Abby Binay’s triumph during the May 9, 2016 election as Mayor of Makati is an assurance that the interests of Makati and its more than 1000 LGUs all over the country will be preserved and the legacy of her father, Jejomar Binay continues.

The progress of Makati will definitely continue and if supported by the present administration, it will be a great of source of funding to rehabilitate the development of the said LGUs. Meet the new Mayor of Makati – the smart and beautiful Filipina: Abigail Binay – Campos:

Educational Background
College Degree

University of the Philippines-Los Ba�os, BS Human Ecology Major in Human Settlement Planning, Graduated, 1997
Graduate Degree

Ateneo De Manila University, Juris Doctorate, 2001

Work Experience (Government and/or Private)
House of Representatives, Congresswoman, 01 July 2007 – Present
Subido Pagente Certeza Mendoza and Binay Law Office, Partner, March 2007 – 29 June 2007
Balane Tamase Alampay Law Office, Legal Associate, 01 July 2003 – March 2007
JCB Farms, Chief Finance Officer, 2002 – 2005

Membership in Civic Organization
Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Member
Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood Integrity and Nationalism, Inc. (MABINI), Member
Federacion Internacional de Abogadas, Member
PDP-Laban, Director
Haribon Foundation Inc., Member


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Partial Results for the Senatorial Race 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is still the partial and unofficial Senatorial race results at 60% of the general turnover:
Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4: