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Koko cannot dictate Duterte over Binay – scared now for libel?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
How many times should Duterte say that he will not waste his time running after political enemies – let alone outgoing President Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay. It’s the Ombudsman’s job to do that despite an appointee of the Party that he detested.

Koko Pimentel’s head became bigger since he’s one of the people urging Duterte to run as President and also a Party comrade plus a friend – but he might not know the alliance Duterte and Binay had to unseat the Liberal Party in the top position. Binay might be a friend of Duterte too but this is never a consideration when making a decission for the good of the country. Koko should know that too.

Koko Pimentel might be guilty himself on what he did in the senate grilling Binay without no concrete evidence in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. Nowm Trillanes is starting to pay for his sins – then Cayetano and Pimentel must follow suit.

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Marcos: Cosmetic Change is Illegal as Bam protected Smartmatic

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is sad how democracy in the Philippines has become after the influence of outgoing President Benigno Simeon Aquino or Noynoy as he is fondly called. You can even see it in the exchanges of discussions in the senate when the campaign manager of Leni Robredo, Bam Aquino was hand-picked by Drillon from the Liberal Party to be one of the members of the Board of Canvassers of all senators.

As per Rappler’s publication, it goes like this: Aquino had referred to the cosmetic change as an “unfortunate” incident – something that did not sit well with Marcos.

“Unfortunate, Mr. President? I think that it would characterize it as more than unfortunate. It’s illegal,” Marcos said.

Bam Aquino in the first place is too obvious to defend Smartmatic. How dare he ask for Smartmatic data as proofs for cheating when only the administration people have the access to it? Then why not open the main server to the public – to be scrutinized by neutral IT experts?


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Marcos’ Privilege Speech Highlights Election Aftermath

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The senate resumes session today May, 23, 2016 with a very timely privilege speech. It’s because the speaker himself is one of the two strongest contenders for the second highest post of the land; the Vice Presidency of the Republic of the Philippines.

Outgoing Senator Ferdinand Alexander “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. congratulated incoming President Rodrigo Duterte for winning the presidential election without questions as all his rivals already conceded – but he humbly asked for permission to elaborate his stong observations on the various irregularities as far as the Vice Presidential race is concerned where he only came next to Leni Robredo for a little more than 200,000 votes according to the unofficial result.

Marcos enumerated various irregularities that must be investigated – as per excerp from Inquirer: Marcos cited in particular the sudden change in a new script or computer command in the PPCRV server on or about 7:30 p.m. of May 9 or during the actual transmission of results from canvassing boards nationwide. He said Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia admitted entering the new script.

“It was after this particular act of computer programming wizardry that votes for this representation started to slow down and the votes for another candidate started to accelerate — at an unprecedented and linear rate of 45,000 votes for every additional 1 percent of votes counted,” he said.

The senator said Garcia was the same person who was charged with electoral sabotage “for doing the very same thing during the 2013 elections.”

Source (More details here):

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Unofficial VP Race Results – Marcos to Challenge every Certificate of Canvass

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The disbelief of the majority of Filipinos are now larger than ever with the unofficial VP Race Results showing Bongbong Marcos losing to Leni Robredo. However, no proclamation will happen yet unless the official canvass confirms this. The canvassing of votes starts on May 25, 2016.

Leni Robredo is ahead of Senator Bongbong Marcos at 219,127 votes: VP_Race_Unofficial_Results

Source of this Unofficial VP Race Results:

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Leni Robredo, why not follow Migz Zubiri’s example?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Majority of Filipinos were asking; who is Leni Robredo compared to Bongbong Marcos? If not because of Jesse Robredo and his sudden death, even Liberal Party will not make her their own.

Leni’s number of votes in the unofficial impartial count from the transparency server just didn’t make sense. The VP race has been considered the worst fiasco ever – with all the very obvious signs of cheating. Some may say that Leni is a victim too but why did she allow herself to be in that position – ruining the legacy of Jesse and her family’s peace of mind?

According to this: : Zubiri resigned from the Senate in 2011 as a way to save his family’s name from alleged poll fraud in the 2007 senate race. He tried to return to the Chamber during the 2013 local elections, but failed to make the cut.

Congratulations now Senator Migz Zubiri! We are proud of you.