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Binay-Villar-Marcos: Envied because of Midas’ Touch

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Manny Villar and Senator Bongbong Marcos have one thing in common – their name is tainted with corruption allegations via media propaganda but the fact is, whatever they touches, turns into gold! They are the envy of any insecure politicians in power becaue they have the “Midas” touch!

However, it turned out differently with incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime. He is starting to use these capable people indirectly. Manny Villar who remained to be the richest senator Philippines could ever have already signed up to merge his political party NPC with Duterte’s PDP Laban for a coalition. His son Congressman Mark Villar will also be the new DPWH secretary.

The next richest senator, Bongbong Marcos’s Vice Presidential bid is still hanging pending the reading of the official canvass certificates that starts on May 23, 2016. It is evident that these 3; Binay, Villar and Marcos joined forces to topple the Liberal Party’s reign and it worked. So, the people are excited what could come next from their alliance.

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GMA: 71% Happy with Duterte’s 10PM Karaoke Curfew

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Noise pollution from the popular Karaoke gatherings has been one of the major challenges for Home Owners’ associations in the Philippines. This is why incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s policy on Karaoke curfew until 10PM has been widely accepted. This has been shown in the recent survey by GMA that as high as 71% of the respondents were happy with this change.

Many from the cities criticized Duterte’s style for being too provincial – but mind you, Filipino ways does not really change despite the move to the city or elsewhere – unless there’s a strict law on it.

As changes are coming, people should be flexible to do what is right as mandated. After all, Duterte was voted for by more than 15 million Filipinos. So, time to stick to the rules and comply.

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Mark Villar in Duterte’s Cabinet: Bringing Conflict or Blessing into DPWH?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The world is indeed round as the popular Filipino saying goes. Those accused of corruption in the past are now having the time of their life with presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte’s coming into power – who in the first place vowed to topple corruption in the country.

Many questioned Representative Mark Villar’s appointment into Duterte’s cabinet as DPWH or Department of Public Works and Highways secretary whose father Manny Villar was a victim of media propaganda accusing him of the C-5 anomalies that favored his Real Estate projects. Cynthia Villar’s (Mark’s mother) popular comment on the rumor was: As if he needs it!

The outgoing administration’s strategy on suppressing the Villars did not help much in building new infrastructures for public service. Perhaps it is now Duterte’s time to show to the public that people who are publicly prosecuted via the media to ruin their political chances can be a blessing to the economy or country in general. Come to think of it. Where will Duterte get the huge budget for these new public facilities if there’s no Manny Villar funding them? Perhaps a good move, don’t you think?

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Will Duterte’s Choice of Cabinet Members Helps in Prolonging his Presidency Unlike Erap?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Erap’s chosen cabinet members in the likes of Manny Villar as Speaker of the House, Orly Mercado as Defense Secretary, Angelo Reyes as AFP Chief and many more were allegedly the ones conniving for him to be impeached – and so he advised incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to choose his friends well.

Here’s the presumptive list for Duterte’s cabinet gathered by the Inquirer Research Team:

  • Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez III (former agriculture secretary of President Corazon Aquino; Duterte’s childhood friend and campaign finance head), Department of Finance
  • Arthur Tugade (former president and CEO of Clark Development Corp.; Duterte’s classmate in San Beda Law School), Department of Transportation and Communications
  • Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano (Duterte’s vice presidential running mate), Department of Justice or Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Perfecto Yasay (acting secretary for a year)(former Securities and Exchange Commission chair), Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Salvador Medialdea (member of Duterte’s transition committee), Executive Secretary
  • Salvador Panelo, presidential spokesperson
  • Peter Laurel (president of the Lyceum of the Philippines University), Department of Education
  • Gilbert Teodoro (former defense secretary of President Arroyo), Department of National Defense
  • Mark Villar (newly elected Las Piñas representative), Department of Public Works and Highways
  • Emmanuel Piñol (former governor of North Cotabato province), Department of Agriculture
  • Andrea Domingo (former commissioner of Bureau of Immigration and general manager of Philippine Reclamation Authority), Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.
    Communist Party of the Philippines; Departments of Agrarian Reform, Labor and Employment, Social Welfare and Development, and Environment and Natural Resources
  • Silvestre Bello III (former justice secretary and solicitor general), Chief government negotiator
  • Jesus Dureza (former presidential peace adviser of former Presidents Ramos and Arroyo; Duterte’s classmate), Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
  • Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya (incumbent Armed Forces of the Philippines Southern Luzon Command chief), AFP Chief of Staff
  • Senior Supt. Rene Aspera or Chief Supt. Ramon Apolinario or Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa, Philippine National Police Director General.

    Although the above list is not yet final, could we foresee if Duterte is here to stay for 6 years full cycle of the presidency or not?
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Media Propaganda Works because Most Filipinos only Read Titles as per Marcos and Binay’s Cases

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Online writers already knew that digital readers only have very short attention span – thus the reason why long articles are abandoned just in one click.

In the Philippines, many do react after reading the title only. If it is against their beliefs, they immediately do something about it by attacking the writer based on personal experience. This has been observed since the Marcos era until Binay’s alleged corruption allegations – and still progressing.

However, writers do need to write compelling titles to trigger the interest of the readers. However whether the article is true or not is a different story. People just have to read the content to know. Otherwise, no one can be misled if the readers read the details given right in front of them by the writers who managed to put them all together with utmost consideration for not violating the Libel guidelines. However, this insight does not include the media that are paid to discredit others.