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Official Canvass Takes Time – See Process:

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No Official Canvass Results yet released for the Vice Presidential race as of today 6:00 AM of May 15, 2016. This is a lengthy process with rooms of discrepancies if watchers from both sides of Leni Robredo and Senator Bongbong Marcos are not vigilant. This is the process according to Hilario Andes:

The precinct count per clustered precinct which are the ones in the schools where the voting took place submits their results to the municipal and city boards of canvassers to tally the votes for the local candidates like the congressmen, governors, vice governors and down to the councilors. The municipal boards will then submit the statement of votes per precinct to the Provincial board of canvassers – who again do the canvass to determine the winners for the governors and congressmen in a district basis for the vice governors and the board members.

The summary of the provincial canvass now becomes the Certificate of canvass of the province likewise the chartered city like Makati, San Juan, Pasay and others becomes the City Certificates of Canvass. The COCs are now the basis of the joint session of congress. The senate in the house will be canvassing the votes for the President and Vice President. Meantime, Comelec also copies the COCs for the canvass of the senatorial results.

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Gratitude to Hilario Andes: Our Binay Brigade Source

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Retired military man and a poet, Hilario Andes is the man behind Binay Brigade or one of those trusted men of the Binay family. Also one of the consultants of Senator Nancy Binay, Hilario was the hands on field guy during the 2016 presidential campaign reporting to Pastor Boy Saycon of the NoyBi and chairman of COPA, the major campaigner of outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay.

He kept his cool and always answered politely when volunteers were dismayed due to lack of campaign materials and other needs. May his love of nature particularly plants would guide him into advocating to help the smallest agricultural entities in Mindanao and elsewhere – through his connections in the higher ups.

It was a tough journey to be working with you but a very fulfilling one. Most of all, thank you for being the credible source for our stories. Information and situation updates really did help us in covering news that no media can ever have. Our gratitude for your getting out of the way to know us – thus finding you at our doorsteps whenever you are needed. You are indeed a good public servant just like the Binays.

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Binay Concedes to Duterte Formally but Lots of Laughter during Talk

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Binay and Duterte’s ties can never be faked when these two are talking to each other. They talk as they are. No formalities, no seriousness – just pure fun but with sense. They just learned to discern the important things in life from mere status, prestige and fame. They are simple but happy people.

Take it from UNA’s Press Release:

13 May 2016
Reference: Mon Ilagan

Statement of Joey Salgado: UNA Communications Director

We ask everyone to set aside partisanship and help the incoming administration move this nation towards unity and healing.

The Vice President respects the voice of the people. He congratulates the president elect and wishes him all the best. The VP called up the president-elect yesterday (Thursday) before 6PM. Mayor Junjun Binay was present when VP called up and he describes the talk as light and cordial, filled with laughter which is not surprising considering their ties.

During that conversation, The Vice President addressed the president-elect as “Mr. President.”


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Binay-Santiago: Slow to Concede but Duterte’s Biggest Allies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Outpouring of criticisms flooded social media when Jojo Binay and Merriam Defensor Santiago did not concede right away to the winning President, Rodrigo Duterte. Well, it obviously was not a priority for them – because they were Duterte’s biggest allies and supporters from the start anyway.

It is not hard to understand when you know that the opposition needs to unite to topple the reigning Liberal Party. We saw them play their games on TV and mind you, they were really good actor and actress. However, if you listen carefully to Duterte saying that Binay is the most qualified for president and to Santiago, action speaks louder than words – they were like a love tandem but they are really good friends with Binay as well.

Despite all these, even individual supporters did not understand the main goal to unite against LP – and continued to bully these two. Just sit back and relax – watch Duterte as he appoints good people for his cabinet from Binay and Merriam’s pool! They are for unity once and for all regardless of political party. Well done, Duterte, Binay and Santiago.

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Marcos: Win or Lose, his time for top office will come

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Bongbong Marcos just requested an official canvass and to stop the unofficial server count. He never said that there’s fraud yet. He was just fazed with so many irregularities in the inconsistent number of votes reported. Duterte, the incoming president vowed to look into this.

He said; “In this hotty contested Vice Presidential unofficial results and even reports of irregularities, we call on our supporters and the public to monitor calm and sobriety, and to maintain calm and sobriety, and to await these official results, we appeal for vigilance so that, ultimately, whoever may be proclaimed as winners, the true voice of the Filipino people will prevail.”

Win or lose, a Marcos is a Marcos and he will have his stint in the top office at the right time!