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Trillanes’s Accusations are Opposite from the Witnesses’ – Part 2 July 15, 2015 Binay Senate Probe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No wonder that the highly publicized July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe at 1PM was not majorly broadcasted because testimonies mainly favor V.P. Jejomar Binay.

This is the transcription of the second part of the Binay Senate Probe video ultimately posted at Youtube on July 7, 2015:

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Source: Senate of the Philippines

Here are the extracts of the second part of the hearing:

Second Part
Makati Science Highschool and BSP no Witnesses

525th Battallion Commander witness said that the 525th is the combination of 2 camps. 877 sqm occupant in Kumembo in Makati – why the transfer from 1987 from Philippine Army to Makati?

It was explained by the witness that the purpose was just to move back the gate of the headquarters – so that the front will be used by the Kumembo Barangay and not for private use – so no questions were asked since it’s a government property at that time.

Mercado attested this that 5.5 hectares is the actual size of the land and accused Binay to give the 8800 to the soldiers’ provision, 1700 hectares or maybe he meant sq.m. to build private houses for commercial use allegedly for Binay’s interest.

The witness has no recollection of what Mercado attested and insisted that his story is all they knew and did not question Engineer Mercado who surveyed the place anymore since it’s for public use.

Atty Constantino in charge of the patents with DENR – read the details of the records of the land. It was recorded that the use to lease the land was advertised in accordance with the law when the owner was still Ricardo Velasquez. It was the next owner Manuel Imbalido who wrote a letter to DENR to sell the land to Erlinda Chong. Erlinda Chong complied with all the requirements of the application.  The area covered is 8877 sq.m.

No issue whether the land is inalienable. It is alienable from the start as part of Port Bonifacio military reservation but the proclamation was amended to 518 to have the same maximum area to be distributed to occupants. The following transitions followed as per proclamation numbers:

  • 2475 – actual occupant to segregate the land
  • 3038 – untitled government land
  • 518 to be sold to bonafide applicants
  • Bonafide occupants as of Jan 1, 1986.

Trillanes asked if there are anomalies on the transfers mentioned now that the registered owner of the whole 8899 sqm land is Erlinda Chong?

Is there violation, Trillanes asked? The answer of Constantino is: definitely NO. There is a provision in 518 that the land can be sold as prescribed and Ombusdman Disierto has sided on the owner’s rights in one instance.

Mercado asked for patience that when he did the survey as requested by Binay, the intention is to ask for the half of the land to give it to the city for public use – but later on, the community complex was turned into commercial though this is a mere hearsay since not backed up by the witnesses. Mercado clearly has his own story. Speculation of Mercado is hat the real owner is Binay through the dummy Limlingan when it could have been the 3 of them: Binay, Mercado and the mayor wannabee, Miriras  at that time whom Binay allegedly promised to endorse as Mayor but did not in favor favor of his wife, Elenita Binay.

The son of Chong testified that the shares owned by his mom really belong to them and he does not know of Lignuc and Limlingan who might have shares. It’s not worth a Billion but he’s not an expert; he said. It’s not Port Bonifacio but Kumembo only and should not be a billion worth.

What? Erlinda Chong is the luckiest person to own, exclaimed Trillanes.  Trillanes suspected Erlinda Chong to be the dummy of Binay which the son denies. The younger Chong insisted that they are the legal owners and he does not have knowledge that Mercado, Miriras and Binay should be the owners.

It just happened that the Binay and Chong siblings are co-investors of Greenich pizza franchises – who are Abigael, Nancy, Junjun and Chong’s sister but he attested that they were just friends and they were still not in politics at that time.

Mercado allegedly is helping the Chongs to prove that they are not 100% dummies of the Binays – but if they insisted their story, then he can’t do anything about that.

Trillanes again stated without basis that Mercado knew the process well because they were the ones who masterminded the transfer and Erlinda Chong is again a dummy of Binay – even if the testimonies of the witnesses prove otherwise. Actually the testimonies were the total opposite of Trillanes’s accusations or assumptions against V.P. Binay.

The area sold to Later Day Saints is 3000 sqm and the Chongs are not 100% stakeholders but after all the improvements and structures, the ownership was divided. Miriras owned the improvements whereas the land remains with the Chongs as per the registered documents.

Mercado confessed that Ricardo Vilasques and Nelia Law are his dummies but he does not know how the other list of dummies came about.

Erlinda Chong is just in Hongkong for scheduled medical treatment but will attend soon.

Bondal’s Presentation:

Character attack: Jejomar Binay’s character was attacked by Bondal who is Makati trying to show how bad the Binay’s are:

Dasma Gate regulation: Mayor Junjun is always served with umbrella according to him.

Same old lies about Junjun and Nancy – the dubbing of the video is very different from what was shown. Only dark shadows were seen no guns were evident – but the narration were all about guns and wrong interpretations.

They also invited testimonies from certain squatter demolition event but the voices do not seem to match the real voices of the people concerned.

Also promoted Mar Roxas as the officer from DILG who fixed the problem but obviously a scripted compilation of different videos – that’s why the quality and sounds are contradicting.

Mercado attested that Binay intended to really buy the property to be able to award to the poor which is a noble act. Citing that the owner of the land (where the squatters are), Mr. Laperal was a good man who allegedly said not to touch the people living there when he is still alive but after he dies, the heir can do what he wants. Even though Mr. Laperal is still alive now, Mercado was confused why Junjun wanted to transfer them? Obviously, Mercado does not know the job of a mayor.

The video also showed the confrontation between Junjun Binay and Barangay Chairman Laurie Co where Binay was bad-mouthing the Captain – but the recording needs to be tested for authenticity.

Renato Bondal also showed the video of the incident in Makati during Junjun Binay’s suspension showing V.P. Binay who was allegedly the first one to push someone and of course the encounter with Jamias.

Cakes and contractual hiring not discussed in detail – plus other anomalies that they tried too hard to link with V.P. Binay.

Clearly this senate probe was designed for the demolition job of V.P. Jejomar Bimay’s bid for the 2016 Presidential election. What’s the purpose of these expensive hearings when the senators’ conclusions are quite the opposites of the witnesses’ testimonies?

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Pimentel Takot? Nasaan Senate Probe kay Binay? Wag Magdrama, si Migz Zubiri Dapat Dyan

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Nasaan ang pinagsasabing July 7, 2015 Last Chance “Televized” Senate Probe  na inilathala ng Inquirer ukol sa mga akusasyon sa pangalawang pangulong Jejomar Binay? Nagkunwari pan ang huwad na Senador na mabigyang pagkakataon si V.P. Binay na protektahan ang sarili sa harap ng kamera. Gayong tinatago lang pala nya ang “affidavit” na naglalaman sa detalyadong sagot ng pangalawang pangulo mula pa noong 2010 at di na kailangang maghearing.

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Ano ang motibo ni Pimentel? Sya ba ay umeepal lang sa mga tao o sumisipsip sa administrasyong Liberal?

Ayon pa kay Nancy Binay na nalathala sa Pilipino Star Ngayon: “Ganitong ganito panggigipit din ang ginagawa sa amin,” wika ni Nancy sa kaniyang panayam sa dzRH. “Ibat-ibang paraan para ipitin ka at takutin ka.”

Pero sa kabila ng umano’y panggigipit sa kanilang pamilya ay hindi nila aatrasan ang kanilang laban para sa mahihirap.

“Hindi kami bibitaw sa laban natin sa kahirapan. Prayoridad natin na makatulong sa ating mga kababayan,” dagdag niya.

Matatandaan na ang talagang nanalo sa puwesto ni Pimentel ay si Migz Zubiri na bumitiw dahil sa akusasyon na pandaraya kahit reklamo ni Pimentel ay walang basehan dahil may delikadesa si Zubiri at hindi siya hayok sa kapangyarihan.

Kaya Pimentel, harapin ang hamon ng Camp Binay Netizens online na ilahad sa media ang kabuuan na sagot ng butihing pangalawang pangulong Binay! Pimentel Puro Kasinungalingan tungkol kay Binay – Wag Magdrama, si Migz Zubiri Dapat Dyan; dagdag pa ng mga taga Camp Binay.

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Pimentel – Alam na di Dadalo si Binay – Ilabas ang Tinagong Affidavit na Naglalaman sa Sagot ng V.P. sa Senate Probe – Wag na Mag Drama

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Matagal nang alam ni Senator Pimentel na hindi dadalo si V.P. Binay sa diumano katapusang pagkakataon na binibigay ng senado sa kanya na maipaliwanag sa taong bayan ang sagot nya sa mga akusasyon sa kanya – July 7, 2015 sa oras na ala – una ng hapon.

Sa nailathalang sagot ni Pimentel: It was unfortunate, he said, that the Vice President chose not to face the Senate probe only because he did not want to be disrespected by some senators who were participating in the hearings.

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Ikinalungkot nila diumano na pinili ni Bise Presidente na hindi humarap sa senado sa kadahilanan na ayaw nyang mabastos ng mga senador na kasapi sa pagtatanong; ayon sa Inquirer.

Napag-alaman ng mga miyembro ng Camp Binay na isang grupo ng aktibong netizens sa layunin na lilinisin ang pangalan ng mga Binay ang pahayag ng anak ng Bise Presidente na si Senador Nancy Binay na matagal na palang ibinigay kay Pimentel ang “affidavit” na naglalaman sa mga tugon ng Bise Presidente ukol sa mga ipinupukol sa kanyang mga bintang.

Hinahamon ng miyembro ng Camp Binay ang Senador na ilabas sa madla ang naturang “affidavit” at tigilan na ang pagdadrama nya sa harap ng kamera habang gumigiling ang “senate probe” kung may respeto pa sya sa sarili.


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Plataporma ni Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sa kaganapan ng pag dedeklara ng bumubuo ng UNA o United Nationalist Alliance, ito ang kabuuan ng Plataporma ni V.P. Jejomar Binay sa kanyang pagtakbo bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas sa 2016:

Una, pinalawak na serbisyong panlipunan o social inclusion/improvement of basic services.

Pangalawa, masiglang ekonomiya o economic dynamism.

Pangatlo, epektibo at may malasakit na pamamahala o effective and caring governance.

Ipatutupad natin sa buong bansa ang ibayong serbisyong panlipunan na nagawa na sa Makati. Sa gayon, maraming Pilipino ang maiaahon sa kahirapan. Sila ay mabibigyan ng ginhawa.

Pangunahin na sa ating plataporma ang pagbibigay ng hanapbuhay mula sa limang sektor na pinakamalaking tagapaglikha ng trabaho.

Gold Background3
Palalakasin natin ang agrikultura, manufacturing, turismo, business process outsourcing, at export.

Ikalawa sa ating plataporma ang pagpapalawak ng de-kalidad at libreng basic education at subsidized higher education. Kasama dito ang ayuda para sa uniporme, gamit sa eskwela, libro at mga tamang pagkain para sa mga batang mag-aaral. Lulutasin ang matagal nang kakulangan sa silid-aralan. Aasikasuhin natin ang kapakanan ng mga guro na matagal nang pinababayaan nitong pamahalaang ito.

Ibayong suporta sa mga state universities and colleges ukol sa agrikultura at food security, science, technology, sining at patakarang pambayan.

Gaya ng ginawa natin sa Makati, pagagandahin natin ang serbisyo ng mga pampublikong ospital sa buong bansa. Magbibigay tayo ng komprehensibong health care para sa lahat at libreng serbisyo medikal para sa mga mahihirap. Isusulongnatin ang preventive health care sa pamamagitan ng malawakang bakuna, sanitasyon at tamang nutrisyon. Ibayong suporta sa mga lokal na pamahalaan nasiyang may pangunahing mandato upang pangalagaan ang kalusugan ng kanilang nasasakupan. Kasing halaga nito ang pagbibigay-kalinga at suporta sa ating mga health workers sa lahat ng antas.

Pundasyon ng serbisyong panlipunan ang masiglang ekonomiya. Ito ang lilikha ng maraming trabaho at magdadagdag na pondo para sa ibayong serbisyo ng pamahalaan. Mga negosyong lumalago mula sa de-kalidad na kasanayan ng manggagawang Pilipino, malinaw at hindi pabago-bagong mga batas at mga patakaran.

Mas mabilis at simpleng proseso ng pagpaparehistro, pagbubuwis at pagkuha ng mga permiso at lisensya, maayos at modernong imprastruktura, public transport na hindi palpak tulad ng MRT, airport at pantalan, at abot kayang presyo ng kuryente.

Titiyakin natin ang mahigpit na pagkakaisa at koordinasyon ng pamahalaan at mga gobyernong lokal sa mga patakaran, programa at alituntunin.

Tunay nga na naiintindihan nya ang kalagayan ng bansa at karapat-dapat syang iboto.

Salamat sa Abante

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Camp Binay Demands to Publicize Binay’s Affidavit from Pimentel

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Camp Binay, a group of Binay supporters online is demanding for the release of Binay’s affidavit submitted to Pimentel since V.P. Jejomar Binay was the mayor of Makati and ran for Vice President during the 2010 national election. The affidavit contained the detailed response of V.P. Binay on the corruption allegations thrown against him.

Sen. Nancy Binay said that her father had already answered corruption allegations against him in an affidavit submitted to the subcommittee headed by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel.

Binay’s supporters now demanding to publicize V.P. Binay’s affidavit that ultimately explained the details of the responses on such allegations.

They are certain that even if it’s not necessary for V.P. Binay to appear on July 7, 2015 Senate Probe, this will be used against Binay to further destroy his reputation – to discredit him for the upcoming 2016 Presidential bid.