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Top 7 Grocery Buying Myths


By: Gemma Lagasca


Grocery BuyingAs we go in and out of the supermarket or grocery stores to shop for things we need for our day-today existence, we follow certain routines believing that they do us good. Little do we know that we are accomplishing some actions based on myths that should not be practiced now – that’s why it’s time to review some fine points for our guidance:

  1. “Don’t allow kids to go with you in the supermarket”. Most parents will lose their focus on what to buy when kids are around because they have to look after them while shopping. Of course, budget can easily be broken when the little ones keep on pointing at the items they want – and they don’t know its implications. On the other side of it, older children that are involved in planning a healthy meal must be taught on how to choose the right ingredients by letting them check on the labels. Guide them on how to read and understand the nutrition facts printed on the packages. That way, they will know exactly how to choose for the family’s benefit. So small kids will be better off left at home with a trusted help while the already responsible ones can start helping on your purchasing decisions.
  2. “All organic foods are healthy”. Yes, organic plants are better when they are grown conventionally with less or no exposure to pesticides – but it doesn’t mean that they are all nutritious. If you opt for organic fruits and vegetables, the best picks are lettuce, apples, peaches and spinach because these can be eaten fresh from the garden after washing thoroughly. Foods with skin like avocado, oranges and bananas are not significant whether they’re organic or not. So, even if fruits and vegetables are not organic, they can be as nutritious as the organic ones or more.

  3. “Select only “low-fat” products. Not all labeled “low-fat” products are nutritious”. To make sure of this, check on the nutrition facts printed on the label. Before you pick an item, remember the things that you need to avoid such as high sugar, fat, sodium, saturated fats, calories and trans-fat contents.
  4. “Back-off from indulging in sweets”. No way! Ice cream, candies and chocolates are also essential treats for the family. Just keep the tempting sweets in minimum amount. Add in fresh fruits with a single serve of low-fat ice cream or a whip of dairy topping. Include a pack of dark chocolates with raisins or nuts in your shopping cart – these can add few nutrients when taken in moderate proportions only.
  5. “Cross-out red meat from your list”. Red meat contains essential nutrients such as protein, zinc and iron. Therefore, there is no reason to take this away from your shopping list. The only thing you need to consider is the recommended amount you need to serve in every meal. Just buy the right slices in smaller cuts. Use only the lean meat as side dish for dinner and serve more veggies and whole grains as the focus of the meal.
  6. “Fresh foods are still the best”. We always stick to that thinking that fresh foods are still the best despite being pricy. But if you are considering your budget, frozen foods are also good. In fact, frozen foods kept at its right peak of ripeness preserves the natural nutrients like fresh foods. Canned vegetation can also be good if you will rinse the fruits or vegetables before eating to wash-away the unwanted salt or sugar added.
  7. “Buy in bulk”. Buying everything in bulk is a good idea if we talk about imperishable goods. You can save some cash from volume discounts! Nevertheless, buying frozen items in bulk is not advisable, unless you are sure that you can consume them before they expire.

So it’s about time to change those ways of thinking and embrace the facts for the better. Making some adjustments after learning from this article can benefit the family greatly. Happy shopping!

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Home-based Moms’ Best Tips to Stay Slim and Fit


By: Gemma Lagasca


Fit MomsBeing a Mom is a tough job. Once you get married and started to have a baby, you will have to commit your life to performing motherhood responsibilities – at the same time a good wife to your husband every day at 24/7 rate if possible. Imagine if you have 2 or 3 kids in a row – it will definitely be a hectic life-crossing situation. But since we are all different, then it’s up to you how you would like to balance being a mother and loving partner to your husband.
Gaining extra pounds is the top problem of stay-at-home moms. However, don’t allow this to happen – instead, be determined to shed-off those extra pounds through practical means. It is important to opt for the natural way to keep your body fit for the welfare of your family. Stay away from quick fixes especially when chemical-based diet or supplements are involved. Home-based moms can maximize the resources at home with proper planning and determination. Note the 3 best points before you proceed with following the proper diet instructions.

  1. Learn more about calorie counts. Calorie intake is the primary factor to control before you begin a diet plan. The main reason why you need to do this is to be able to keep record on what you put inside your body. So, if you know how to slash and burn the calories you have taken in a day, you will have an idea how much work out is neeaded regularly to eliminate those extra pounds that are normally retained inside the body for a lifetime – if you don’t do anything about it.
  2. Determine the required caloric demand you need. For a female with normal height and weight, you need to reduce to up to 1,500 up to 1,600 calories a day. The standard number should be based on the individual’s actual height, weight, age and physical routine.
  3. Know how to calculate your Count Base Metabolic Rate. Here is the formula:
  • Get your weight in pounds and then multiply by 4.3
  • Take your age and then multiply by 4.7
  • Get the total of 655 + (height + weight)
  • The sum of # 3 step should then be subtracted to your age to get your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate)

Sample Computation of a 40 year old woman:

Height: 5feet
Weight: 140 lbs.
Age: 40
(4.3 x 140 lbs) + (4.7×60 inches) +655-(4.7 x40) =1,351

Now it’s time to create a new diet plan. Here are some basic and natural steps to stay away from adding inches to your waist:

  • Wear aerobics clothes at home. This way, you will be in the mood to exercise harder while doing your daily chores.
  • Nap, relax and get enough sleep.
  • Eat your supper earlier than usual and please avoid having midnight snacks.
  • Never finish your kid’s left over foods.
  • Don’t forget to eat your breakfast every day and then eat small but frequent amount of foods within the day.
  • Eliminate those oily and fried comforting foods. Instead go for grilled, steamed and boiled preparations.
  • Take advantage of using the stairs as a form of your daily exercise.
  • While the kids are in school or having a nap, do shadow boxing, jumping rope or treadmill for 20 minutes.
  • Enroll in an aerobics class near your area and make it a point to attend when all your kids are in school.

May all these important tips will help stay-home moms to be pro-active. Our home is our sanctuary. All members of the family will be happier if everyone is fit and contented. If you know how to take good care of your health, you will feel good and you can give the best care for your loved ones.

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Your Struggles – Your Success


By: Gynn Flores


SuccessYour success comes from your struggles. Achieving your dream just does not happen. “Rome was not built in one day” so they say. We cannot just rely on luck to achieve our goals and our dreams. Achieving what you have been dreaming of would be sweet if you struggled to be able to achieve it. Here are some inputs that might be helpful for you:

  1. Identify a goal. There is no limit to this provided you think it is achievable. Making unrealistic goals will only make you discouraged, exhausted and uninspired.
  2. Believe you will achieve your goal. Stay positive at all times. There are endless ways on how to achieve your goals. You might fail at times but never give up and persevere.
  3. Make a plan of action. This will give you directions on what you should do given a certain scenario. Prioritize what is in your plan. Explore other options only when you have tried everything as planned.
  4. Be realistic with your actions. Do not over exaggerate things. Sometimes it does not turn out the way you wanted it to. Try and try until you succeed.
  5. Choose your battles. When it is quite obvious that a certain proposition is bound to fail, then change your plan of action. It can cause you all your resources and energy when you pursue something that has no chance to succeed – just for sentiment sake.

  6. Know how to appreciate the little successes you make. Congratulate yourself every time something positive comes out of your efforts. Patience is vital to gain bigger successes. Take it a day at a time. Sometimes hurrying into something big right away can make you prone to mistakes.
  7. Stay inspired and motivated. This will boost your spirit to persevere in whatever endeavor you are in.
  8. Know how to enjoy your success. Reward yourself when you achieve something. Small successes should be acknowledged by simply recognizing it or maybe treating yourself to a good meal or a relaxing activity.

Success is sweet when you work hard to achieve it. Some people may be lucky to achieve bigger things at a very short time while others achieve a little at a time. Things are not always the same. Do not give up right away and make yourself motivated and inspired at all times. Continue to be creative and be open to other options. Life is full of opportunities and a simple shift on your strategies can spell success. Before you know it, it is harvest time and you will be reaping the fruits of your labor.

Struggles in life are mandatory to spell success. When you have already achieved your goals, you can start making higher goals but do not forget to share your success story – as it might be a source of inspiration for other people. Real experiences are always inspiring and lessons you actually learned from the experience may benefit others as well. Above all, be grateful to the One who bestows all blessings.

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5 Best Tips to Project a Perfect Smile Ever


By: Gemma Lagasca


SmileEverybody loves photos isn’t it? We all love to take photos and catch every nostalgic moment we want to keep for a lifetime. We also project our perfect smile on every clicks of the camera.  Fortunately, we don’t need to become a celebrity to show the whole world our photogenic smile, and the best places and best event that we’ve been through—thanks to the latest technology! And also we love to share our photos to our friends by uploading them in the social media or even print them and put them in frames to be decorated at home.  But wait; does everyone know how to project a camera-friendly smile?  If so, here are some sparkling tips for your curiosity.

1.    Project a gentle and natural smile. According to Lily T. Garcia, DDS, MS, FACP, smiling gently and naturally will set your face looks relaxed. This kind of smile is also known as “parade” smile—you can hold on a striking smile for longer hours without an awkward-looking photo. Your mouth should be slightly opened and your lower lip should go along with the curve of your upper teeth.

Ms Garcia, President of American College of Prosthodontists also cited that “You’ll feel the edges of your upper front teeth gently touching your lower lip”. She also added that your cheeks may rise just enough but not too much.

2.    For women make lipstick your best buddy. Make sure to choose the right color of lipstick that will work for your skin color. Unfortunately, when you choose a dull and wrong color it will emphasize a yellowish tone on your teeth instead if you have. So Garcia says “The right shade of lipstick can make teeth look whiter”. Opt for shades like berry, plum, rosy pink and cherry red—the pinkish-based and bluish-based undertones will help hide the teeth’s yellowish tones.

3.    Don’t project with a double chin. There is an appropriate posture to pose a photogenic smile without the existence of double chin. According to the expert, Pamela McClain, DDS, do not slouch your body or move your head too bent forward. Instead, turn your head slightly while dropping your chin so that your face will not looks like a perfect square angle.

4.    Practice makes perfect. If you are thinking of a big event and expecting camera flashes will surrounds you on that event, take your time in practicing how to create a beautiful smile. Stay in front of a mirror and project the best smile that you can. You can ask a friend or a family member to take some photo shots to see if you’re projecting a stunning smile. Try to do it in different angles while moving or turning your head as you show your smart shoulder. Just feel the moment so that it won’t reflect a forced or fake smile.

5.    Maintain healthy gums and teeth. Even if you’ve got the best smile but have an unhealthy teeth and gums, it will only tear down your photogenic smile. Make sure to visit your dentist to maintain healthy gums and teeth because it’s a primary health concern.

Just be yourself and enjoy every nostalgic moment with your loved ones. Being naturally happy will show-off the best photogenic smile ever because it reflects the voice of your heart that’s coming from within.

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