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PBBM: Trading Relationships Won’t Allow Geopolitics to Kill Off Globalization


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video Story Teller
[VIDEO]: President Marcos’ answers to the intriguing question.

Trading in the Asia Pacific

Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. speaks to the economic forum in Switzerland with great wisdom. He said that trading relationships with friends and neighbors particularly in the Asia Pacific must continue. This would help each country survive the effects of the pandemic and the Ukraine war.


The intriguing question is that: Will geopolitics kill globalization? Most countries can feel that they are pressured to side with Russia or America. In the case of the West Philippines Sea, protectionism is applicable as the country sees to it that the interest of the Filipinos is prioritized. Not the policies of other countries. Therefore, trading with friends must continue.


Trade is the key to wealth, added Marcos. The future of the Indo-Pacific and Asia Pacific depends on each country itself. Therefore, we choose our neighbors, said President Marcos firmly. Globalization can then prosper when trading continues.

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Trading Sabotage to Blame President Marcos Boomeranged to Onion Hoarders


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by: ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Marcos eyes releasing seized smuggled onions to increase supply, address soaring prices

Trading Sabotage

Trading sabotage is evident during the time of the current President Ferdinand Marcos. Many believe that there are groups who aim to discredit him. Hoardings from sugar to onions are seen. However, these seem to boomerang to the hoarders themselves. People learned to switch to the onion leaves. So, when they released their stock, they just got rotten.

Releasing Smuggled Onions

The unfair trading of onions recently created a stir when the president decides to release smuggled onions to the market. However, this can’t be done immediately. There are laws that must be examined to make sure that everything is done according to the constitution.

Rotten Onions

While the senate under Senator Imee Marcos investigates the shortage of onions, rotten onions are reportedly found in storages. Some have sprouted readily to be planted again. The people adapted to the scarcity without many problems. To the dismay of the hoarders.

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This is why Japan is Always the First to Lay Out Loans for the Infrastructure Projects under PBBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by: Behind Asia
[VIDEO]: How Japan Broke & Built The Philippines

Largest Source of Loans

Believe it or not. Japan remains the largest provider of infrastructure loans to the Philippines in terms of countries. They are the first ones to lay rescue plans as well. The Japanese people call it a guilt trip. They might have destroyed the Philippines during World War 2 but they are making up for it until now under the PBBM administration.

Hands-on Investments

Due to this guilt feeling the Japanese people had in destroying the country with many war fatalities, they are making sure that they can reverse their previous brutality with kindness. They provide loans with almost no interest on the Build Build Build project and other projects.

Resilient Infrastructure

Economic, political, and pro-human partnerships with Japan have been going on since 1956. But it was during the Duterte administration that Japan became the major source of Build Build Build Project investments. It follows the blue print of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Marcos served as a 3rd lieutenant during the mobilization in the summer and fall of 1941. That continues until April 1942. Then, he was taken, prisoner. He was released from prison by the Japanese on August 4, 1942. Now that his son is the President, more support from Japan can be expected.

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PBBM Put Tears in Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Eyes by Freeing them from the Debt Burden

debt burden

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr on Agrarian Reform Program: I intend to issue an EO to impose a one year moratorium on the payment of land amortization and interest payments.

Freeing from Debt Burden

President Bongbong Marcos said during his SONA that he is freeing agrarian reform beneficiaries from the debt burden. He condones his existing agrarian reform loan that would cover around P58.125 billion. This will benefit approximately 654,000 farmers. That would involve a total of 1.18 million hectares of awarded lands, he added.

No Obligation to Pay

PBBM said further that agrarian reform beneficiaries who have yet to receive their awarded land will get it without any obligation to pay any amortization. He’s referring to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. By freeing them from the debt burden, they can channel their distribution to produce and distribute their crops.

Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries

Under Executive Order No. 75, Series of 2019, all government authorities must turn over agricultural lands to qualified agrarian reform beneficiaries. They are the landless war veterans, surviving spouses and orphans of war veterans, and retirees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Plus the Philippine National Police. Agriculture graduates who are landless are also included. Heirs of agricultural lands are limited to 5 hectares each. It needs to be clarified if they could qualify for the program.

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Sandro Marcos in Congress for Ilocos Norte’s First District is a Stepping Stone


By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn
[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos’ Victory Speech for Congressman

Sandro Marcos in Congress

Sandro Marcos is in Congress for the first district of Ilocos Norte is the first Marcos to run for the district and won. In his victory speech, he expresses his fear at first when he got only 20 to 30% approval rate in the surveys. However, he’s happy to learn that his enormous efforts in campaigning paid off.

Projects to Do

The eldest son of presumptive president, Bongbong Marcos has many plans lined up for the benefit of his constituents. He’s anxious to start working but urges for the help of everyone to make them successful. As the district’s voice in Congress, the people in Ilocos Norte District 1 are assured that their standard of living can only get better.

Echoing his Father’s Unity Message

Sandro Marcos can’t help but echo his father’s call for unity. This is much needed in the Philippines after a divided election. The younger Marcos believes that there are no difficult tasks. Especially when experts from different political affiliations come together to work as one. So, Filipinos must unite for future progress. This is the stepping stone.

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Showbiz Personalities who Felt Like Winners with BBM’s Majority Win


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Philippines
[VIDEO]: Reactions of Showbiz Personality Supporters to the BBM-Sara Win

Hatred to BBM Never Translates to Votes

Calling BBM supporters online trolls can give insult in a big way. Just like the case of comedian, Juliana Parizcova Segovia. She’s accused of being a troll who’s just after the money. But as Director, Daryl Yap said. Only the truths can hurt, hatred will never translate to votes, and Lenlen will never be president. He’s indeed right.

Personal Ties are Stronger than Politics

Isabel Daza gleefully tweets her happiness for the good news that her Ninong is now the presumptive 17th president of the Philippines. BBM is just like her second father. Director Paul Soriano whom BBM calls a creative genius successfully showed in his work the true colors of the incoming president. This was through ad materials and political campaigns. Toni Gonzaga can never go wrong that the Marcos family can already go back to their home very soon.

Goodness of Character Excels

Randy Santiago knows that the Uniteam can uplift the country because they are the only ones who are for unity. Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez also proved that BBM helped during disasters. Dawn Zulueta and her husband, Antonio Lagdameo are good friends of the Marcoses. Andrew E’s compositions made the goodness of BBM and Sara excel. Ai-Ai de las Alas is happy about their win. Carla Estrada gets criticisms before but appreciation now. Mariel Padilla is not only grateful for the Uniteam’s victory but for her husband’s number one spot in the Senate.

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BBM Wins the Wealth of Information Race Backed by Real People


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims ‘fake news involved’ in ill-gotten wealth, estate tax cases

Wealth of Information vs. Misinformation

Ill-gotten wealth, estate taxes and other accusations have a lot of fake news in them, said BBM. The fact that they claimed facts are not really facts, he added. He suggests to live the case with the lawyers because some politicians are not familiar with them or refused to be familiar with them.

Court Order

Bongbong Marcos also said that whatever the court orders, he will do. Look at the tax evasion accusation for example. Many lawyers and accountants resorted to social media to explain that BBM’s case was not tax evasion. The withholding tax of a government employee is withheld by the government itself. So, as a public servant, Marcos just can’t evade paying his income tax.

Wealth of Information

The wealth of information online is the work of real and passionate people. Trolls cannot be identified. But Marcos’s defenses online normally come from knowledgeable bloggers. They post betting on their reputation. So, there’s definitely no troll who can blog. Some biased mainstream media just cannot accept that the public believes them more than them. So, BBM wins this race for true information.

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Leadership Security: Bato Confirms that He, Mayor Sara, and Bongbong Marcos are Under One Roof


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH

[VIDEO]: Bato: Bongbong Marcos is an Ally

Leadership Security for the Administration

Presidential aspirant and Senator Bato dela Rosa confirms that Bongbong Marcos is an ally. That him, Mayor Sara and Marcos are under the Duterte administration. President Rodrigo Roa’s leadership at that. There’s still time to arrange the line-up before the November 15 deadline, he said. It is ideal that they won’t take each other’s votes.

Willing to Withdraw

Bato also said that he is willing to withdraw when the right time comes. He just waits for the PDP-Laban’s decision. The leadership bets of the administration would be too much if there’s Mayor Sara and Bongbong Marcos plus him on the line up.

Sacrifice in One Common Leadership

The alliance is pretty obvious from the start under President Duterte’s leadership. However, the substitution method allows candidates to declare their candidacy at the tail end. This is to discourage detractors from maligning them early in the pre-election period. Some senators have already authored the bill to limit this to very sick, incapable, or dead candidates. But regardless, when the bill is passed, election 2022 is already done. Better luck next time.

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It’s Really Hard to Find Integrity in a VP who teaches Filipinos to Accept Money from Vote Buyers!


By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]:COMELEC Spokesman JAMES JIMENEZ warns Robredo tha vote-buying is punishable by law

The VP has NO Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. As a lawyer, the outgoing VP, Leni Robredo should know that vote-buying is punishable by law. Inciting the people to accept money from vote-buyers is simply immoral. Those who defend her on the statement she made in public are equally fraudulent. So, the authority should investigate now on how she should be punished. Disqualification may be too early.

Simply Illegal

Vote-buying is an election offense. Regardless of financial situation or noble intentions. That should not be done. Leni is wrong to suggest this to voters,” Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said on Twitter. This is after Robredo told Filipino domestic workers to accept bribes. But vote according to their conscience. Because the money is allegedly from the people’s taxes. Therefore, she insinuates that this makes this acceptable. To suggest such an act might disqualify the VP. But that would kill the thrill in the election of 2022.

Teaching Voters to be Money-Greedy

“Alam mo, mali siya, mali ‘yung pagbibili ng boto. Pero ‘yung sinasabi ko sa tao, tanggapin ‘nyo…. ‘Yung pinangbibili ng boto, pera din ‘yan ng taongbayan,” Robredo’s exact words in Tagalog. It might be wrong but I shall say to the people to accept the money. Because the funds used are also from the country’s coffer. So, do you want her to be president?

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Alleged BBM Emergency Alert can Only Come from the Enemy

emergency alert

By: Elena Grace Flores
UNTV News and Rescue

The Emergency Alert is Designed to Malign Bongbong Marcos
The oligarchs are already on full alert now. This is why they have to sabotage Bongbong Marcos when he files his candidacy for president. Just examine the message in the alleged BBM emergency alert. It is evident in social media that spelling mistakes are common in that anti-Marcos propaganda online. Besides, the terms used are not pro-Marcos at all. The NTC must check into such communication providers.

Not Against the Law

The Comelec swears to investigate of such emergency alert. But the Comelec Chair said that unfortunately, there’s no law against it. It’s not prohibited under any electoral law, he added. So, no further actions that can put Marcos’ candidacy into a halt.

Effects of the Narrative

The narrative might be pro-Bongbong Marcos. But it can bring damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, the people are already aware of this sort of anti-Marcos propaganda. It may also add more glory to his presidential bid. Knowing how dirty the opposition works can only give him more sympathy from the Filipino voters.