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Catholic Pressures Caused Hault of Death Penalty – to be Revived by Duterte and Agreed by Bible Believer, Pacquiao

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Violent crimes with weapons readily available and collected by influential people to scare business opponents or any personal disputes are now again on the rise in the Philippines. Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to revive capital punishment despite oppositions from various legislators and the Catholic church itself – but found an unlikely supporter Senator Manny Pacquiao who is a believer of the bible saying that capital punishment is actually in the bible.

The death penalty was abolished in 1987 but was re-imposed seven years later after a tremendous rise in crime.At least seven executions were undertaken via lethal injection. Then in 2000, ex-president, Joseph Estrada, in a moratorium called for its revival due to pressures from the church, the European Union and various human rights groups – after series of reports that innocent prisoners got executed and cannot bring them back anymore.

His successor after his impeachment; former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed the hault of the capital punishment in the Philippines – just prior to her visit to the Vatican that coincided allegedly with her asking for support among the religious setors to favor the change of government system into the Parliamentary process – meanwhile, Duterte is pro Federalism. However, that not the topic of debate at the moment but there seems to be a conflict between the bible and Catholic beliefs?

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