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Caution to Suspected ISIS Preachers – they can be Arab Retirees


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In connection to President Rodrigo Duterte’s ordering the military to validate the presence of alleged ISIS indoctrinators in Mindanao and to immediately arrest and deport them once reports against these persons have been confirmed is clear – but it can happen that these foreigners’ lives can be endangered due to the nature of the threat if police operations are not monitored closely.

“I have been informed that a lot of Caucasian-looking people are conducting teachings. They don’t have weapons. They are foreigners. I told the military to validate it, and arrest all of them and we will deport them…”; was the incomplete statement in Davao during a press conference.

Duterte revealed earlier in Zamboanga that there are Arab-looking missionaries in some parts of Mindanao, which he feared may be the start of ISIS threat in the country – but caution is needed in apprehending these visitors because they may be Arab retirees wanting to retire in Mindanao as promoted by past administrations.


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