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CBCP Calls Followers to Report Vigilante Incidents Resulting from Duterte’s Anti-Crime Campaign

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Catholic Church in the Philippines used to be very powerful that it was instrumental in toppling the late President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. Now, they are trying their luck with the tough-talking President Duterte who often cursed the CBCP when they interfere with his anti-crime campaigns.
Duterte has quite a reputation when it comes to shoot-to-kill policy in reprimanding criminals and drug lords during his 2 decades of reign as Davao City mayor – and he is determined to do the same nationally to the great resistance of the church, The CBCP wanted to guide arresting officers that the ‘shoot to kill’ policy is applicable solely only on the ground of legitimate self-defense or the defense of others – which is basically the training for all government forces.

It also urged its followers to report incidents where vigilante acts are witnessed that is totally against the law. However, Duterte is also defending his men saying that cops who kill criminals will not be probed, or else he will abolish Congress. Duterte is also under the Commission on Human Rights’s close watch after their investigation on killed suspects ended up in difficulty on proving that the rule of law is indeed being practiced.


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