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Celia Diaz Laurel: Marcos Rival’s Wife Confirms that Good Deeds of Marcos Outweigh all Accusations


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is a very powerful plea coming from the wife of Ferdinand E. Marcos’ rival to the presidency, Doy Laurel who gave way to Cory Aquino as the presidential bet of their part. Maybe what Marcos has done for the country will outweigh what wrong “they think” he has done; stresses Mrs. Laurel.

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She knows something most people don’t

Celia Diaz Laurel urges Filipinos to recognize the good Marcos has done for the country instead of dwelling on his alleged sins. “It is the time that we recognize him for what good he has done; she said. In life, we must not dwell on what wrong a person has done. But maybe what he has done for the country will outweigh what wrong “they think” he has done,” she said. Even Mrs. Laurel thinks that people are misled into believing that Marcos has committed the accusations against him.

Husband Gave Way to Cory Aquino

Doy Laurel was one of the critics of the Marcos regime, for alleged human rights abuses. He was supposed to run for President during the special elections on 1986, but he gave way to Cory Aquino’s candidacy. Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani that some wanted to be exhumed incidentally fell on the former vice president’s 88th birthday. He is also buried at the Libingan with a hero’s internment.

Many Anti-Marcos in the Past Realized they were Wrong

 Although Mrs. Laurel explains that her opinion is her own, she’s not the first one who made that realization that the accusations were just mere speculations used to ruin the Marcos name. Ninoy’s lawyer the late Jovito Salonga also turned his back to Cory Aquino before his death.  A living witness to the ill-motives of Aquino, Jejomar Binay made this known after going into alliance with Bongbong Marcos and Duterte during the national election.

Simple Facts

If the late strongman steals the wealth of the people, why are the gold intact at the World Bank for gold reserves of the country? Why is his budget for 20 years too low compared to the Aquinos’ 12 years and Ramos’ 6 years – but he has the most infrastructures done that still exist until today? It only takes a little common sense. Do you have it?

Days of Shame: August 21, 1971 and 1983

2 thoughts on “Celia Diaz Laurel: Marcos Rival’s Wife Confirms that Good Deeds of Marcos Outweigh all Accusations

  1. The late President FERDINAND Edralin Marcos is good honest and devoted President to serve the people and country . I really believe he was ” HERO ” because he had a good heart as well for 4x elected as a President of the Republic of Philippines is a enough to say he is a good man .. I wish people will open there eyes and there mind , the Marcos is not the enemy … The AQUINO IS THE BAD … WHO WANTS TO DESTROY THE PEACE OF THE PEOPLE ‘S AND THE COUNTRY. ..

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