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Challenges for Bar Board Passers

By: Elena Grace Flores
The bar review for soon to be lawyers do not start after graduation contrary to popular belief. One of the 2014 top board passers disclosed that the hard work should start upon entering law school. It will be too late when one is cramming to review test materials in such limited time right before the bar exam.

It takes dedication to be a lawyer in the Philippines. Controversies surround the nation and the call for good lawyers never fades. Stories of struggle from one disaster to another can be sources of inspiration. If one is determined to be a lawyer, no calamities or sad happenings can discourage him or her in pursuing this noble but highly controversial profession.

Government, private and charitable law practices are all rewarding both financially and self-fulfillment. It’s just a matter of how much. The private sector may be paid higher but so as lawyers in government offices with all the high profile public cases going on. Lawyers handling charity works to defend people who can’t afford professional fees earn the least in terms of money – but the most rewarding of them all. Now take a pick and be the lawyer that you worked hard for! Congratulations to all the Bar Board Passers!

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