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Change in Philippines: Husband Turns Transwoman supported by Wife

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ian King, whose family is running a chain of hotels in the Philippines is now Angelina King. He is the husband of Joey Mead,model and host. Mead seems proud of her husband’s going out of the closet because she has posted a photo captioned “Freedom,” showing both of them in a pool. King reiterated by posting the same photo, saying Mead is her rock and Number one supporter.

Since the marrigae in 2011 the couple is deeply happy and the “change” was widelly accepted not just by friends and family but also by the majority of netizens. Not that their opinion mattered to these two people in love – but this just shows that the Philippines is really changing from very conservative religious culture into a beautiful state of open-mindedness. Loving without judging which is the ultimate goal in living happily.

Mead is right “love is love” indeed no matter what. If people turn their being into their real self and accepted by their love ones, that can be a very beautiful thing – because in a mariage or any relationship fo that matter, it’s the friendship that lasts.


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