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Charter change proposal to Malacañang is via Constitutional commission


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pantaleon Alvarez drafted the proposal for the executive order that will facilitate the revision of the 1987 Constitution. The Charter’s constitutional commission will be manned by 25 members. It has been remembered that during the campaign of the Philippine President, he was already advocating to change the Republic form of government into Federalism that would be the focus of the charter change.

Former Supreme Court Justice Reynato Puno will be assigned to lead the charter change into the federal system. “This afternoon I forwarded the draft of the Executive Order to the Office of the President creating the constitutional commission,” Alvarez announced in the Makati meeting recently. Alvarez has actively supported the President in all his endeavors and he does not serve as speaker only but also the charter’s lawyer.

It is details in the proposal how the commission would assist Congress in the amendment of the Constitution. Alvarez aimed for the Philippine President so sign within the month of September.
“So by October the constitutional commission will start their work to draft the revised Charter and perhaps in six-months’ time we also—if we are able to finish the 2017 national budget—we can already convene both Houses of Congress into a constituent assembly,” he added.

It is evident that despite Duterte’s strength in both the senate and congress, he still have very vocal and strong critics and he will have a difficulty in passing this trough but this is a very good try.


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