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Check Bounced due to Closed Bank Account

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Lorna Mildred Carbungco Cervantes issued 2 checks amounting to 11,500 Pesos each for the overdue apartment rental for 2 months to me but when they were deposited, the bank returned them because the account was already closed. She kept on insisting that the checks were replaced with cash but in evidence as recorded in Barangay BF International Homes with case number 683-13 filed on July 24, 2013, Lorna Cervantes actually did not pay 4 months rent and the utility bills on their scheduled departure today. According to this video, it is BP22 case:

Rule of Law: Tackles B.P. 22 or Anti-Bouncing Checks Law

Posted at YouTube by: PTV

The amount may not be huge to pin her down in jail but by law, issuing checks that you know coming from an invalid account or without sufficient funds is a criminal case. It might not be worth pursuing the case but  just want to warn property owners for rent in Las Pinas City, Philippines to beware of this person, Lorna Cervantes, her sister alias Lally Fernandez and son John Paul Cervantes who are doing this behavioral scam as supported by their family.

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