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Chexit can Trigger World War III – Philippines is just an Excuse

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
“Chexit” or China’s exit from the country’s territorial waters shortly after an international arbitration court affirmed the Philippines’ sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea was protested by Filipinos in front of the Chinese Consulate property. Carrying a fishing boat with a Philippine flag, more than 100 activists marched to the Chinese Consulate in Makati City, yelling, “Philippine territory is ours, China get out.” Many fishermen hoped that the ruling would stop China’s aggressiveness in blocking Filipino fishermen from the disputed fishing ground owned by Philippines. Chexit can be mirrorrd in other neighboring countries that will put China into trouble but this is not the start of the friction.

It’s has been a notion that the United States has strategically planned destabilizing Russia and China economy-wise to retain its control as world leader. The Russian and Chinese governments are setting themselves up for America by swallowing the “globalism” line, using the US dollar, participating in the Western payments system, opening themselves to destabilization by foreign capital inflows and outflows, hosting American banks, and permitting foreign ownership. These economic processes have made Russian and Chinese governments ripe for destabilization – they will have to go to war in order to defend their sovereignty.

However,it will be a bit complicated explaining how world war is triggered when the countries involved became willing accomplices by patronizing with the economic convenience laid before them. That’s why the “freedom of navigtion” issue along with the territorial disputes at the South China Sea would be a more believable excuse especially when the international tibunal already issued its verdict in favor of the Philippines that actually made China furious – thus deliberately showing their military capability then the U.S. will come to the aid of Philippines and so as Russia to the Chinese – and the rest is history.


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