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China can Inflict serious Damage to its Neighbors during War with the U.S.


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Military analysts worldwide may not think that China can surpass the war capability of the United States – but with its continues upgrades in armaments and hi-tech military facilities, it can inflict serious damages into its neighbors like in the Philippines which is the subject of their fury as the international tribunal awarded the sovereignty over the disputed West Philippine Sea to the Filipinos. Another one is Vietnam that turned their back on them, plus Indonesia that returned their bullying techniques by doing the same to China – and most of all, the head on collision with another Asian giant that is also into nuclear weaponry, India. Read this analysis as to who will win:

AFR wrote: If it came to a war over the South China Sea, who would win?
Ten years ago, the answer would have been a resounding nod to the United States. While the odds are still well in the super power’s favour today, military experts say the costs would be high and China could inflict some serious damage. Of course, this is an extreme scenario. Most analysts agree that the chance of a conventional war between China and the US over the South China Sea is low, precisely because the consequences are so serious.

It added: It would pit a rising military power against the most established fighting force in the world, which would ostensibly be acting in support of its regional allies and to maintain its influence in the region.


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