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Chinese-Filipino Consortium are Drivers of Deuterium Extraction – NOT China


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Former Senator Bongbong Marcos recognizes the contribution of the Chinese-Filipino community in small and large scale businesses. He considers them as the drivers of the Philippine economy. Marcos reminds Filipinos that 40 years ago, his father already sees the potential of this sector of society in many areas thus the reason for his Amnesty for Illegal Aliens to be Filipino Citizens. Sure enough. While the anti-government politicians continue to politicize the South China Sea dispute, Chinese-Filipino gas and oil explorers are now ready to extract Deuterium deposits from the Cotabato and Sulu basins. The members of the consortium are all Filipinos with global ties. It only awaits the Extraction Permit from the Evaluation Section of the Department of Energy. This is a wake-up call for Filipinos to be aware that the vast resources of these hydrogen fuels are in the country.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Explains the Amnesty for Illegal Nationals to be Filipino Citizens

The Chinese-Filipino are Filipinos

On his speech, Bongbong Marcos discusses the importance of the Chinese- Filipinos not only in our economy but also in our history, our culture and all the parts of our everyday life. He recognizes his father’s wisdom when he declared amnesty 40 years ago as we can see now that the Chinese community has been an integral part of the Philippines today.

Amnesty for Illegal Nationals

Currently, Republic Act 7919 seeks to grant legal status to foreign nationals and their dependents illegally staying. They are the ones who have entered the country prior to June 30, 1992. They are given a resident certification of their registration as an alien living in the Philippines. Foreign nationals with permanent resident statuses are allowed to stay indefinitely in the country and enjoy the privileges of any Filipino citizen. That includes securing employment. Permanent residents, however, are not allowed to vote and own land. The late President introduced a number of significant bills when he was a Senator. Many of these bills found their way into the Republic statute books. His amnesty for illegal national paves the way for many Chinese residents to become full-pledged Filipinos.

Exploration Permit Approval

In the Filipino-Chinese consortium’s letter to President Rodrigo Du30, they seek the leader’s approval and endorsement. This is to pursue the oil and gas exploration and development of Cotabato and Sulu Basins. This is for the build, operate, and transfer which commences initially for operational, financing and purchasing of drilling equipment, operational budget, construction of refinery pipelines, and infrastructure for the two service contracts both offshore and onshore.

Deuterium Extraction Details

The offshore acquisition package costs 10 million USD and 500 million budget cost. The onshore acquisition package costs 12 million USD and 700 million budget allocation for drilling contractors for the said oil and gas exploration. Plus directly hiring highly qualified manpower to operate and manage the corporation in order to ensure a very efficient operation to achieve higher gains and early return of investments. The group vows to cater to local consumption initially for Filipinos to benefit from its low prices. Truly, the Chinese-Filipino consortium members are the drivers of Deuterium extraction. NOT China indeed.

Let’s use hydrogen fuel, senator tells gov’t

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  1. I hope they’ll not politicize this chance to develope a profitable find! I smell a chaos in the senate & Congress to uphold this legitimate consortium of Deuterium extraction !
    There’s a huge competition from the ongoing MERALCO vs a foreign invest power plant? PRRD the only highest officer of the land can decide this opportunity !

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