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Christmas in the Community

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bow barracks on the eve of Christmas
Bow barracks on the eve of Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A grand Christmas celebration in the community where you live might not be desirable when there’s hardships in many parts of the world – but taking some time during the holiday to gather together and join efforts in organizing one simple event will help a lot in building relationships. Take the case of this model community who have done lots of successful community outreach projects – just because, members sit down and talk as often as they could:

Bridgewater Community Christmas Dinner

By: ripples2waves

The Bridgewater Community Christmas is a community-building initiative that aims to bring people together from all walks to share joy, company and food on Christmas Day. This volunteer-run event aims to have this meal be accessible to all, and to celebrate this festive occasion as a community.
Come and enjoy a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (turkey or vegetarian), festive decorations, live music, children’s area, and a chance to meet & mingle with friends and neighbours. Everyone is welcome!

It’s understandable that you want to be with your closest of kin during Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day – but any day could be Christmas when your neighbors help out in doing party chores to have that once a year memorable event. Go out of your way and remind everybody that this should not be missed out. After all, great moments matter!

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