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Clarence Paul Oaminal: Battle against Illegal Drugs will only be won within our homes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Battle against Illegal Drugs will never be won in the streets, it would only be won within our homes; said Atty. Clarence Paul Oaminal over his Facebook post today. Atty Oaminal, former Undersecretary of the Dangerous Drug Board and author of a political law book did not elaborate on the quote but he has continued his advocacy to help prevent or stop the use of illegal drugs nationwide through his connections particularly in his home town, Cebu.

He is also seen supported by Senator Tito Sotto on his bid to urge cities and municipalities to establish their own rehabilitation centers for those affected by the current public menace – that has been becoming very dangerous not only to the guilty criminals but also to innocent families that are striving for their daily sustenance as extra judicial killings in the country escalate.

Atty Oaminal’s comment can easily be translated into; stop the killings of illegal drug criminals because it will not work in stopping the abuse of illegal drugs. Instead, nurture your homes so that children and adults will not resort to those deadly remedies – and the government should come up with public services that will allow family bread winners to supervise their household properly. It can be in the form of more rehabilitation centers, livelihood programs, quality health care, educational campaigns and other quality public services.


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