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Collective, a Pro-Administration Advocate is Behind the Gathering of Facts on Naga Leaks

Naga Leaks

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Fed-up with many irresponsible journalists, Collective, a pro-administration advocacy online platform vows to exposed wrong-doings of high-ranking politicians who control the media, businesses, and the society as a whole to their advantage. The website does not reveal actual names of the people behind it but judging from the website itself, it is funded by a pro-Du30 supporter or supporters who has or have backgrounds in online publishing and journalism. It is not monetized through Adsense therefore, not a Google approved site, but their coverages are well presented with supporting facts.

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[VIDEO]: “Jesse was still the undisputed King of Naga. Meanwhile, it was not just Jueteng that flourished in Naga, drugs also started flooding in.” -excerpt from

Jesse, an Ally of the Jueteng King

Illegal gambling operator or Jueteng King, Eddie Mercado and Jesse Robredo are close friends. Jesse’s emergence as the new king of Naga is strongly supported by Eddie. Their alliance that lasts until Jesse’s death in 2012. Jesse cannot totally eradicate Jueteng in Naga because of such connection. It is just a public illusion that he is against Jueteng, In fact, he tolerates the Mercados because of a political debt since Sonny Mercado is one of his main supporters during his mayoral bid against Roco in 1988. 

Cannot Stop Drugs and Prostitution

As a politician, Jesse is aware that connections among powerful people are crucial. In this world money is power. He may have tried cleaning up the streets with drug addicts and prostitutes but he has no choice but tolerates drug lords and illegal business operators. Despite the cleanup, prostitution thrives in Naga. Pimps and prostitutes swarm the streets at night. Jesse does not encourage prostitution but it cannot be denied that it is largely tolerated. Rodson, Dinaga, Plaza Rizal, Crown Hotel, and Kanyaman are the known pick up places for flesh addicts.

Rented Condo is Actually Owned

A day after Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo’s plane crashed, then USEC Rico Puno with two policemen, try to enter the alleged rented condo of Robredo in Tomas Morato. According to one of the police officers who is with Puno, he acts on the premise that they are there on orders of President Benigno. This triggers the speculation that confidential documents can tarnish the Pnoy administration’s reputation on a certain drug-related case that Robredo investigates. As verified by the Collective, the condo is not actually rented but owned by the Robredo’s. In fact, there are indications from its developer 24K Development and Construction Corporation that the whole building is actually owned by them.

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The Dead Ramon Magsaysay Awardee  cannot Defend Himself on Naga Leaks

Another Naga Leaks expose is the Ramon Magsaysay award. It is Gabby Bordado who suggests the Ramon Magsaysay Award to Jesse in the year 2000 the Award is touted as Asia’s version of the Nobel Prize. Aside from the fame, honor, and the prestige it brings, $50,000 is also at stake. Gabby proposes to Jesse that he works hard to make him win on the condition that Jesse shares half the cash prize. Jesse gives a trip to Hong Kong with his wife instead that dismayed the couple. Since Jesse Robredo is already dead, the conclusion must be left to the readers based on available facts. This is if Naga Leaks are not enough.

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