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Why Do this Color Changing Cars so Popular?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Cars (film)
Cars (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Controversial discussions are looming around internet viewers interested in toy cars. Why is this color changing trick using water so popular among online viewers? One thing, Cars the Movie by Pixar was a hit – and the products made after them were also selling like hotcakes. Perhaps car toy enthusiasts are just hungry for new things:

5 Color Changers Cars 2 Raoul Caroule Rusteze Mcqueen

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Many are simply addicted with any shows regarding these highly popularized “Cars”. Others are in denial why they are attracted with the preview. The number of viewers might not be exact but using a highly tested software, there’s no mistaken why it reached almost 28 million viewers in just 2 years. They are just entertaining and fun to watch!

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