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Comelec’s Bad Debate Credit May Lead to Jimenez and Arabe’s Suspension


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Comm. Rey Bulay wants the Suspension of Jimenez and Arabe

Bad Debate Credit Suspension

Comelec Commissioner Rey Bulay, head of the Task Force Pilipinas Debate 2022, made the recommendation to Comelec Chairman Saidemen Pangarungan. He said that Comelec spokesman James Jimenez and Director Frances Arabe should be replaced temporarily. This is after the bad debate credit fiasco recently. They are both from the Education and Information Department (EID).

Temporarily Out of Media Exposure

The task force said that they “be temporarily relieved from any functions involving “media relation and exposure.” “Temporary replacements must be done” also. This is not to disrupt essential operations.” The elections is only a few days away. So, it is best to eliminate negativity.


However, the two may be allowed to continue other functions upon the approval of their committee heads. The bad debate credit fiasco can tarnish Comelec’s reputation. Thus, it is necessary to suspend the two Comelec officials. This is just temporary. But this issue seems to relieve most people.

1 thought on “Comelec’s Bad Debate Credit May Lead to Jimenez and Arabe’s Suspension

  1. Debate is not needed because both person being candidate are informing everyone all the plans that must be done for the comport of everyone. Lady, Lady, lady…stop stupidity , debate is not your intention. It is personality destruction where in right will forcely insist to be wrong. I guess you must be informed that treasure are reward into anyone who have it in hand It is a luck of fortune. Haven’t you heard that many have gathered treasure but they were not called magnanakaw. Why marcoses were named that way
    . either it were confiscated. It is not government property it is hidden wealth was found. Then it is yours.. What ever obligatory taxes is the compliance that must will be. It is so easy isn’t it. Make your mouth clean.. Stop issues to help yourself… Just go on into your daily campaign all galit sa iyong attitude very bad.Bongbong ako. Imagine,,,Million , million ang bongbong Marcos ganyan karami ang galit sa iyo…

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