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Comelec’s Negligence on Hacking can be Related to Marcos Election Results


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Days prior to the 2016 elections, the Comelec website is hacked that leaks the voters’ database. It’s head, Andres Bautista reacts on the NPC’s recommendation to file a case against him. Why punish the ones hacked? Guidelines must be in place to avoid the same incident. Currently, the Supreme Court, that acts as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal deems that the complaint of Bongbong Marcos presents enough merit for its review.

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Unauthorized Servers

Marlon Garcia, head of the Technical Support Team of Venezuela’s Smartmatic, admits that aside from the three servers sanctioned by the Comelec in the transmission of votes under the Automated Election System (AES), there also existed a “meet me room” where several servers are housed. This supports Marcos’ quest for truth because Smartmatic finally attests the existence of several other servers aside from the three authorized servers.

Possible Manipulation can Occur

Smartmatic lawyer George Aquino denies that there are major changes at the height of the transmission of votes on May 9. This is when Leni Robredo overtakes the almost a million margin of Marcos. Can it be that the stolen voters’ database finds their way to the secret server?

Publicize Bongbong Marcos’ Voters

One way to find out that the votes are not manipulated to put Leni Robredo on the lead is to publicize Bongbong Marcos’ list of voters. These Marcos loyalists can then check if their votes are counted or not.

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Influx of Affidavits

The massive affidavits saying that their votes for Bongbong Marcos are not counted are part of the concrete evidence that Marcos submits to the Tribunal. This is one of the main reasons why PET’s initial ruling favors Bongbong Marcos.

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