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Community Pantry Insight of Bongbong Marcos

community pantry

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Community Pantry Insight

A Thank You Note from Bongbong Marcos for the Community Pantry Concept

Bongbong Marcos clarifies that the community pantry concept is not new. This is a people’s initiative. Not from the government and not from the communists. Wherever it came from, we should always be thankful. During the times of the pandemic, it is best to help according to what one can afford. Then take only what is needed.

Not a Time for Politics

The community pantry is not a tool for politics. Gratefulness is the key. That is a relief for many people suffering during the pandemic. Politicians who make big issues on this issue are showing their dark sides. People must be aware of such actions. Are they only saying things to make noise for the election 2022? Beware!

Accidents Happen

Angel Locsin’s intention was good. The death of a senior citizen can happen at any time. It won’t come about if it’s not his time. His family does not even blame anyone for the incident. Why are other people making a fuzz on this? Take the stand of Bongbong Marcos. That is the most sensible thing to do with regard to the community pantry debate. Help whatever or however you can. Stop the senseless criticisms. Most of all, be thankful for the daily provisions despite the difficulties.

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