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Community Power

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Flow Diagram of the Eviction Process in Britis...

Homeowners association is an integral part of the community because when the laws of the land fail, it’s the people in the community that can voice out demands for their rights. Take the case of this eviction case blocked by the neighbors:

Neighbors block eviction for homeowner who paid for house five times


150 neighbors and community supporters successfully prevented the scheduled eviction of Jaymie Kelly, a Powderhorn homeowner who has lived in her home 30 years, this morning.

In the contrary, the homeowners association also has the power to evict undesirable people living in their area. If they prove to be a threat to the community or merely just troublesome residents, they can be petitioned  out for as long as the legal process is already in place – to avoid disputes with authorities. Be active in your  community and make your association even stronger to face challenges in the future.

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