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Computer Language is for Everyone

welcome By: Elena Grace FloresDon’t be intimidated when it comes to coding. It is obvious that the world just love using computers – but programming them according to our needs is limited to experts. This video contains testimonials of popular figures who are successful in computer programming. If only we all try to tweak codes based on our curiosity rather than just spend most of our time playing computer games, we can achieve a lot more. Helping others by creating a program for public service announcement is a good example – since most of us already use social media. Watch this:

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

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It is interesting that great people who made it big in the computer programming world are urging everyone to do the same as they did. This is unlike other successful businessmen who would always want to keep for themselves the recipe for their prosperity.¬† So, we can just imagine how vast the opportunities that can be found in the online world – since individuals who are already in the e-commerce businesses are not threatened by budding programmers. Instead, they are campaigning for everyone to join. Let’s accept the challenge and see what’s in it for us!

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