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Computerization of the Registry of Deeds

By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reported major improvement of the Register of Deeds in Manila, Philippines is indeed beneficial not just because of its enhanced physical development experienced by the government officials concerned as well as the rest of the Filipino land owners in general – but most of all, the computerized system of the newly renovated facility. Read this:

Register of Deeds offices undergo massive rehabilitation

By: The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Register of Deeds (RDs) offices nationwide have undergone enormous transformation — from a picture of unorganized record management and poor working conditions, to a portrait of efficient, computerized systems and state-of-the-art technology.

The structural and administrative overhaul formed part of the Land Titling Computerization Program (LTCP), a flagship project of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) under the Aquino administration.

Heirs of properties in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao residing in Manila will not have to travel all the way to their home town just to get a certified copy of land titles or land tax declarations. They just have to know the listed name of the original owner, his or her spouse’s name and their declared address – to get the right copy of the document needed. Truly a big help to property owners or soon to be owners.

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