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Computers Can’t Fake Pain unlike Humans

By: Elena Grace Flores

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The University of California in San Diego jointly with the University of Toronto in Canada concluded in their research report in the Current Biology Journal that computers are more accurate than humans when measuring pain according to the article written by Marie Ellis.

It was explained in their report that the brain is equipped with two pathways for motor system. One controls the facial movements while the other is the driver of emotions felt. This is called the Suncortical extrapyramidal system of motoring. The manipulated or faked facial expressions are carried out by the cortical pyramidal motor system.

The computer system can serve as a lie detector for sick humans at 85% accuracy rate – since a human being can simulate feelings by showing off facial expressions dictated by the brain. There are many instances that a patient fakes the pain felt due perhaps to lack of attention from loved ones or staging excuses for whatever reason. The existence of this pain-measuring computer can guide medical practitioners better in their diagnosis through the symptoms exhibited by their patients as confirmed by this computing device.

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