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Congress Called to Prevent Repeat of 3 Deaths by Concert Killer Drugs – Duterte for Action

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Closeup ‘Forever Summer’ event that teenagers were looking forward to became a nightmare came true to the parents of Bianca Fontejon, Ariel Leal, and Ken Migawa who dropped dead during the concert when their internal organs bursed out due to the illegally mixed drugs that were taken base on the promise to experience the effect of ecstacy by the pushers who allegedly sold the drugs inside the concert arena.

The family of Bianca headed by her mother Bibiane is calling the next Congress to craft laws in imposing security measures during public events in the country involving the youth – to prevent incidents like this to happen again. The organizer will be sued by the families of the fatalities but although the action cannot bring their loved ones to life, this should serve as eye-opener to organizers of such events to be cautious in their activities.

Witnesses will be giving their own accounts that can be used as evidences in the case. Since President-elect Rodrigo is already spearheading his campaign on drug lords, he should also include this petition by the parents in grief to be a priority during his term to keep our youngsters safe when they are going out for fun and enjoying their youth.


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