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Consistent Healthy Eating Habits that Work

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We always have this mentality that we need to lose weight to be healthy. More often than not, this is not the case for everybody. One must listen to his or her own body. Are you active, emotionally stable, happy and comfortable? Then, it does not matter what shape you are in because body structure can change as we age. Here are practical guidelines:

1. Plan for your long term diet: This is not about self deprivation or selective eating. This should be gathering nutritional food items that will give you the nutrients needed. The trick is to have a bit of every food group. Make sure that you will enjoy what you’re eating so that you can maintain this sort of diet for a longer period of time. Change the food items but not the food groups as you go along to avoid boredom.
2. Consider exercise and water as food groups: Drink lots of fluid or water but preferably fresh fruit juices causes you are seldom hungry if you drink a lot of liquid. Also design your lifestyle with active events. This can be indoor and outdoor exercises but even household chores can do the job too.
3. Moderate but balanced eating is essential: Choose your favorite foods but never deprive yourself with fibrous carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats, natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals. However, if you are tempted to eat some delectable desserts then don’t stop yourself but eat lots of fruits and vegetables also to balance them out.
4. Be cautious with the way you eat: Never eat in a rush if you can help it. Take your time and chew well. Snacking in between chores is not a good habit because you’re more likely prone to fast foods. Eat with your mind like when sharing delicacies with friends. Prioritize eating breakfast and minimize the rest of the meals especially at night.
5. Always eat with fruits and vegetables: The more colorful these organic food choices are the better. Each pretty color segment is a source of any of these: anti-sickness vitamins and minerals, antioxidants for cleaner digestive system and fiber for non-fat energy.

6. Avoid white carbohydrates: Anything white when it comes to carbohydrates is not good for your regular diet. Most of these products are highly processed thus eliminating the nutrients from the original raw materials. Whole grains and starchy fruits are good sources of healthy carbohydrates. Choose the colored version of sugar, rice and flour if you need to take any of them.
7. Do not avoid fats totally but choose the healthy ones. Omega-3 rich oils from fishes are good for your heart and brain and will make feel good. Monounsaturated fats from nuts like olive oil are also helpful choices.
8. Foods for growth named protein can’t be eliminated in a healthy diet. Lean meats are good but protein can be found also in plants. Beans, nuts and soy products are also good sources of protein. Even if you reach the maximum growing age, you still need protein to build damaged cells, replace defective tissues and thinning organ walls or components.
9. Take some calcium-rich food stuff or supplements. Milk, beans, fruits and vegetables are basic sources of calcium. Maintain at least 1000 to 1200 calcium level in a daily basis if you are 50 years old and above.
10. Limit your sugar and salt consumption. Sugar in take must not be over one teaspoon a day because higher than that can put you at risk of high blood pressure. Drinking 8 ounces of soda is like taking10 teaspoons of sugar plus in addition to the normal sugar amount from carbohydrates and desserts. Having a sweet tooth can make you prone to diabetes.

It’s good that you are paying attention to the 10 tips of having a healthy diet stated above- but it’s equally important to enjoy dining and spend enough time for it in a regular basis. The target should not be gaining that sexy body – but the figure that felt right for you!

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  1. Hey there! This post couldn’t bbe wrjtten anyy better!
    Readung througth this posst reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He alwwys kept talking about this. I will forward this
    post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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