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Cookie Monster Eating Cars for Learning the ABC

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Barney and Mother Goose Productions are few of the videos that feature learning the ABC in a very creative way – but as we all know, children can get bored easily. So, it is truly appreciated to see a popular ABC video with another character. The popularity of Cookie Monster and Cars combined is no doubt a winning creation. No wonder that this video has been viewed more than a million times in just a month of publishing:

Learn the Alphabet ABC’s With Cookie Monster Eats Cars Play-Doh

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I was not sure at first if it was a good idea showing to children Cookie Monster eating cars but when I showed it to my grandson, he was not only fascinated but obviously his curiosity was captured for quite a time there. His interest with the ABC has also grown stronger despite his tender age of less than 2 years old at this time of writing. Have this video handy in your Youtube Favorites folder and you will not be too exhausted nurturing an energetic child!

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