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Credit Grabbing and Negative Campaigning Turned Cebuanos OFF during the Pinklawan’s Ceboom


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV
[VIDEO]: Cebu is Definitely NOT Pink

Credit-Grabbing from 250,000 to 150,000

To be a bit closer to the 300 K mark of the BBM-Sara Arat na Cebu political campaign in Cebu, Ricky Ballesteros, one of Ceboom’s for Leni-Kiko lead organizers insists that they were able to gather 250,000 at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City. However, the police authority said that it was only 150,000. This is credit-grabbing in the worst form. Very desperate indeed.

Photoshopped Mind Conditioning Images

Many Cebuano netizens posted video proofs of the said event. The mainstream media only chose the angles where people were jampacked. Then, they darkened the empty spots. It is very clear in the videos that the venue was not really full during the said event. They just perhaps want to grab the credit judging how difficult it was to convince or allegedly bribe some people to join the rally.

Conflict Rumor

There’s also a rumor that Dick Gordon who did negative campaigning had a conflict with Tomas Osmena. It was not clear what it was about but one thing is for sure. Many Cebuanos are turned off because of Dick Gordon’s bashing other candidates onstage.

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