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Curfew: Commercial Media Discredit Duterte – Ignores Nancy Binay’s Plea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Instead of supporting Senator Nancy Binay’s plea of enhancing the information drive on local curfew operations in barangays to avoid human rights violations following the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s discipline agenda, paid or commercial media would rather go around showing visuals of Oplan Rody operations featuring helpless violators with the intention to discredit the name of the president this early prior to his term in the highest office.

The Associated Press through The Inquirer reported: a girl who appeared to be about 10 years old was dragged to a police van for curfew violation. She protested that she had been outside only to take out the garbage. A boy about the same age cried, “I do not want to go!” A slightly older-looking boy, looking terrified, dropped the box of a rice and beef meal he’d just bought when police apprehended him.A bewildered mother sleeping on a sidewalk with her toddler wailed when a social worker took her son, and she was dragged to a police vehicle. “Where is my child? I will go crazy here!” she shouted, pleading with police to “please have mercy on me.” This narrative way of reporting clearly has a negative agenda of discrediting the President’s way of doing things – since it did not failed to mention this: “The woman wore a rubber bracelet bearing Duterte’s name. She relaxed when a social worker brought her son to the same vehicle.”

It is just a pity that most paid media are selective of their reporting. They would rather escalate news that would destroy a political figure than to be helpful to the public as source of relevant information being promoted by government officials. Nancy Binay’s plea for information drive was not even highlighted – instead, it was broadcasted in a way that would show Binay’s uncertainty on the Oplan Rody campaign – when the senator was only making sure that women and children’s rights are protected as well as the poor who would know last in circumstances like this if baranggays are not so active in their public service efforts.


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