IDENTIFYING immediate challenges of the Homeowners Association based on the present situation of Casimiro Village Phase 3, it is necessary for the officers to act efficiently without delay – towards the fulfillment of the given assignments involving other members for division of labor.

DIRECTING the following departments to facilitate corresponding tasks as documented properly in this resolution for legalization.

1. The office of the Vice President and Business Manager are in charge of Master Planning on how to improve or renovate the dilapidated Club House and other vacant lots owned by the subdivision. The following actions must be done at the soonest possible time:

1.1) Prioritizing cleanliness and beautification for maintaining healthy surroundings
1.2) Creating a Committee to handle the consultation of proper authorities and invite advisers or coaches for such projects
1.3) Proposing the budget for certain plans for project implementation
1.4) Identifying areas for improvement
1.5) Coming up with a Comprehensive Guidelines for the proper use of Club house and Basketball Court
1.6) Including proper Zoning of the area eyed for the projects

2. The Auditors’ office must champion the prohibition of dogs and cats roaming around the CV3 Streets – maintaining cleanliness, orderliness along in the village’s public places. This includes the responsibility on proper garbage disposal and collection plus clearing out obstructions along passages for humans and vehicles.

2.1) Creating a committee to do the assessment, investigation, implementing solutions and manpower.
2.2) Identifying the areas of concern for improvement
2.3) Proposing the budget for immediate and long-tem solutions
2.4) Creating Guidelines on proper maintenance of the entire subdivision concerning streets, sidewalks, vehicle parking and lose pets roaming around public places within the village
2.5) Handling the inspection or clearing up of obstruction during repair or reinstallation of the street post signs around the subdivision
2.6) Organizing a project study on street lighting and exploring the best way in reinstalling them

3. The Secretary’s department in coordination with the Treasurer’s office is in charge of creating means to generate funds. Fund raising activities must support a particular special project like the construction of the guard house facility, organizing the village’s entrance area, neighborhood watch and the management of the lot that is not developed by the owner beside the entrance or elsewhere plus other projects necessary for village improvement.

3.1) Conducting an inventory on homeowner vehicles with no stickers yet. Inviting them to choose paying for each sticker at 300 Pesos per year or the optional 500 Pesos monthly dues designed for those owning 3 vehicles or more. This should include outside vehicles operating businesses inside the village such as vendors, delivery trucks, school buses and many more. Start implementing gate entrance fees as approved by the majority of the homeowners as soon as possible. Please see separate rate sheet.
3.2) Creating a committee for each special project
3.3) Scheduling the house to house homeowners visit with the elected officials most importantly those who are not yet assigned to any of these immediate causes in this resolution. Involve the Anahaw residents as committee leaders and members of identified projects that they know best. Include CV3 residence and business owners along the CAA main street to make them aware that they are officially part of the CV3 subdivision. Organize an event to introduce to them the association and its set of officers.
3.4) Preparing the Financial Statement report ideally every quarter
3.5) Scheduling the CV3HAI monthly meeting
3.6) Scheduling the proposed CV3HAI Christmas party this coming December 2013 and impose agreed contribution
3.7) Devising the certification for the application permit required by the local government that must follow the following CV3HAI permit policies:
a) House rental one-time fee of 1,000 Pesos upon moving in and monthly dues of 300 Pesos. Tenants must also seek for Clearance before moving out costing 300 Pesos.
b) House or building construction within or around the subdivision ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 Pesos and 3,000 to 5,000 Pesos for commercial properties to be constructed inside or outside of the village
c) Business permit fee ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 depending on the size of the trade and number of traffic
d) Utility Installation Permit fee of 100 Pesos for Meralco, Maynilad, Telephone Lines, Cable TV and more must be paid first prior to any form of installation. Installer must secure the permit from the Treasurer’s office. Fine for installing utility tools without the association’s permit is 500 pesos.
Note: Signatory for certification and permits should be any officers from the Secretary or Treasurer’s offices and approved by the CV3HAI president or Vice President.
3.8) CV3HAI is free to choose an option for fund raising campaigns or has an open line for seeking donations as needed for certain activities or projects to be launched in the future and the Treasurer and Secretary Departments are empowered to join efforts from conceptualizing events until its completion. They have the free hand to invite with them the Business Manager for inputs during the process of formulating a certain campaign or activity.

4. The Sgt – at – Arms  or his appointed assistant or officer on duty is the direct Head of the Guards to maintain the in and out of every vehicle including the people passing the entrance gate.

4.1) Assigning the Security Assistant or officer on duty to directly check the daily reports of the security guards and inspecting the daily logbook – plus getting other verbal reports from the guards on what’s happening within the 24 hours period
4.2) Performing as the peace and order or security champion inside the subdivision
4.3) Organizing a committee to handle all complaints related to security matters, peace and order situation inside the subdivision
4.4) Preparing scope of Security Guidelines for the full responsibilities of the guard on duty – providing proper instruction, instill honesty, loyalty, courteousness, alertness, smartness and knowledge of his duties and responsibilities

5. The President is the Chief Executive of the Association – and his responsibilities can be carried out by the officer who is next in line or appointed by him during his absence. The majority of the members can also choose a successor by conducting a snap election if needed.

5.1) Making sure that all activities, projects, security, peace and order are well addressed by the respective officers or designated leaders
5.2) Having the power as CEO in calling for an emergency meeting, scheduling monthly caucus and any form of gathering at anytime time when needed to resolve conflicts as soon as possible or for the immediate advancement of CV3HAI and its members
5.3) Owning the right to become an automatic member of any committee organized by different officers
5.4) Representing CV3HAI when talking, communicating, attending, coordinating with any private or government entity for the benefit of the subdivision or CV3HAI
5.5) Having the authority to approve or disapprove requests necessary for a project, construction or other endeavors happening in the subdivision.
5.6) Exercising the authority to assign, appoint members or officers in any position, projects or activities for the benefit of the association and the subdivision as well

Other Authorized Movements:

To be able to work efficiently as a committee or team with proper coordination with the officers and the whole association in general, the following arrangements are allowed:

1. The assigned Officer from the Secretary’s Department shall provide the President with the list of all committees created as his reference
2. The assigned Officer from the Secretary’s Department shall coordinate with the treasurer to access the full record of all homeowners’ name and contribution status
3. Each committee or team shall submit a Group Name to the Secretary’s Department for proper team identification
4. The list of Departmental assignments is supplied to all concerned officers to start the ball rolling in setting up committees prior to the issuance of this Resolution. The following preparations prior to the official launch are permitted.
Recruiting members for their team. All homeowners should become a member of any of the committees. Homeowners have the right to become a member of at least 2 committees provided he or she likes it and can be an asset in the committees that recruited him or her
The best name for the committee will be given a prize courtesy of the President during the next meeting in November 2013
Schedule and plan own committee meetings based on the availability of members at the soonest possible time
Submit committee progress report on Nov. 10, 2013 with complete list of members’ names, contact numbers and committee name. Family members of the bonafide homeowners are qualified to join as members of the committee particularly those who are computer literate and reachable via email. Email and computer know-how are essential for the committee secretary.
Voluntary works can be done by the family members of homeowners especially the ones not needing a Resolution for legal implementation – following the same guidelines

Immediate completion period is one month after the oath taking ceremony but the principles should be adapted for as long as the elected officers remain in their designation – provided that there’s no amendment submitted in a form of a most recent Resolution.

All the activities above are legalized as per the laws of the Philippines – signified by the signatures of the majority of the members of the Board of Directors:



RECOGNIZING the situation of need in our village to block illegal entry of people from the squatters area – thus resulting to many irregularities happening in our community in the past, it is just right to acknowledge the initiative of our fellow homeowner Jose “Joe” Rosales who had funded one part of the wall construction when the association did not have funds  to sustain the project yet.
GRATEFUL for Jose “Joe” Rosales’ act of consideration for advancing the funds for the construction as confirmed by Melba Terrado and Ezperanza “Fe” Cifra – confirming that the association still owes him at least 20,000 Pesos.
BELIEVING that the “act” in whatever manner mutually benefit the village and its homeowners, we would like to facilitate the following arrangements for Jose “Joe” Rosales since he never did attempt to collect the money back:
1.    CALLS UPON the homeowners association to deduct from the balance the advance payment of Jose “Joe” Rosales for his one year association dues from September 2013 to September 2014 at 500 Pesos per month as an option for homeowners with 3 or more vehicles in exchange of the stickers. This will amount to 6,000 Pesos only.
2.    SUGGESTS also that the rest of the balance amounting to more or less 14,000 Pesos will be applied to the years that Jose “Joe” Rosales was inactive or dormant from the main homeowners association regardless of the exact amount and number of years.
3.    DRAWS ATTENTION to the services rendered by Jose “Joe” Rosales for the benefit of our village in the past despite not being elected officially to any posts in our association and encourages the rest of the homeowners to do likewise – and this time with proper communication and documentation.
It is therefore understood that when this Resolution is signed by the majority of the Directors that there will not be any money owed from Jose “Joe” Rosales and that he has paid his one year dues in advance as indicated above. This wall funding case is thereby resolved. Thanks to Jose “Joe” Rosales.

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