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Dancing the Troubles Away with a Folk Dance by Senator Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Where are the Young Farmers and Fisherfolks in Abra?

Dancing the Troubles Away

Senator Imee Marcos gives justice to an impromptu dance performance. Manmanok is a dance that dramatizes three roosters from the Bago Tribe who compete against one another to be able to get the attention of a hen. It starts with each of the dancers holding an “ayob” or “allap” which is a small cloth. The background and meaning of this dance are evident. The male simulates a rooster trying to attract the attention of a hen while the female imitates the movements of a hen being circled by a rooster.

The Senator Encourages Local Travel

Tourist bans already take a toll on the tourism industry in major destinations of the country. It’s about time to facilitate more domestic travels. This can compensate for the lost income of the travel sector. The senator does not mind the risk of coronavirus at all. She continues to roam around nationwide to help and inspire people of all levels. Marcos also reports the diminishing water reserves that she can see from her private flight.

The The Farming and Fishery Problems

Senator Imee Marcos spent a day in Bangued, Abra last March 6 where she attended a Farmers and Fisherfolk Forum as a special guest. Marcos insinuates that this is a problem because continuity would not be possible if there’s no work succession.

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