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David Jenyns Discloses all you’ve got to know about Authority Content

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In this episode number 41 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, my guest is David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services and Melbourne Video Productions who talks to me about his new book Authority Content.

David Jenyns is sharing his content marketing with a system idea – Authority Content. It’s the subject of his book and you can get a free Kindle copy of that book from August 11. Here, there are many exciting tips that you can gather for straight implementation into your business particularly its online presence which is vital for businesses nowadays.

Authority Content is a structured process to build a business’s brand, credibility, and sales. If you’re not creating high-quality content, you’re really wasting your time on any other SEO efforts
Beginning with video recordings of events or other content, you can produce up to six months’ worth of content to publish across the web.
If you answer all the questions your leads might have, before they even pick up the phone to talk to you, you change the buying dynamic and their conversations with you become about how you can help them, rather than answering concerns. By constantly creating and publishing content, you are seen as a thought leader and it keeps you front of mind with your audience, as they see you as a helpful resource.
The Authority Content process is adaptable to the front of the sales funnel, to the onboarding stage or to existing customers.By providing content that helps and appeals to your audience, you become their go-to person for that topic and they become your raving fans. Listen to the Podcast by clicking the link below.


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