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Dealing with Maids Resigning before Contract Ends

By: Elena Grace Flores
Maids or house helpers are also some kind of employees for  the household. On the other hand, they must be treated as part of the family because of the nature of their job. Cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing clothes or tending children are very personal errands. They can have access in the employers’ very discreet possession. That’s is why, they must be given fair compensation and respect. Here’s a good guideline in drafting a contract for a house help:

Contract of Service

By: Ministry of Manpower

Any terms and conditions of employment, in a contract of service, that is less favourable than the relevant provision under the Employment Act is illegal, null and void. The provision in the Act will take precedence over a particular contractual term that is less favourable.

In reality no employer can stop an employee from resigning – but 15 to 30 days notice before the last day of work is necessary to make adjustments – like finding a replacement or settling remaining compensation or balances. Relocating an employee can be expensive and some travel expenses must be charged to the employee if the length of service is not justifiable. This must be compromised however by both parties.

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