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Dealing with Conflicting Plugins

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Xmms1210 plugins
Xmms1210 plugins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time is precious and when doing one of your routines in web developing, weird things happen thus prompting you to start all over again. Stop and check if the weird reaction like losing all saved modifications is caused by conflicting plugins. Here’s how to test:

Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict


Gravity Forms uses WordPress’ best practices to make it as compatible as possible with all themes and plugins; however, some theme and plugin authors do not adhere to these best practices which can often result in a theme or plugin conflict with Gravity Forms.

This may be an added process in your already hectic schedule – but it’s worth sorting out the root cause than doing all the wok over and over again until you get exhausted. Never allow not having a productive day just because of conflicting plugins.

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