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Death Penalty: Inefficient in America but Senators don’t have the Balls to Counteract Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Death penalty is certainly a denial of human rights – no need to debate on it. It is unacceptable and has been the culprit for claiming innocent lives until now. Families would make it a point to take care of their members to prevent untimely death in any way they can – but the death penalty is used to rob those families with their loved one’s existence without due process because humans are corrupt no matter how tough a president can be.

As LA Times reported: Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez on announced her support for a statewide ballot measure to repeal the death penalty in California.Sanchez, an Orange County Democrat first elected to Congress in 1996, said that the “death penalty in California remains an ineffective deterrent and does not meet the constitutional standards of due process.”

The question is, will there be Filipino senators who have the balls to counteract Duterte’s plan like that woman U.S. Senator Sanchez? Let’s see how this develops as we watch closely who could be the real defenders of human rights in the Philippines.


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