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Debts? No worries with Bongbong Marcos’ Political Platform in a Rap


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Debts to Vanish with BBM’s Political Platform
The campaign rap of Bongbong Marcos clearly expresses his intention to implement the last will and testament of his father. When financial players in the government worry about debts, the son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos need not to. He might inherit loads of them but he is certain that he can make Philippines progressive again.

Unity is the Name of the Game

BBM as he is referred to calls for unity. Progress can only be achieved with unity in hand. Fighting factions can never do good. He wants the country to be one with a common goal. This is for the Filipinos to have
a quality life. He’s the only one capable of doing this regardless of what his detractors say. Time for the country to be free from debts. When it’s his time. It’s time.

It’s still Marcos After All

The digital change allows the truth to come out regarding his father. Powerful countries can really go to war just to retain their monetary advantage. Keeping the peace around the globe must be a priority. Leaders who refuse to be provoked must be the good ones.

2 thoughts on “Debts? No worries with Bongbong Marcos’ Political Platform in a Rap

  1. Magkaisa tayong mga pilipino lalona Ang mga higit na nanga-ngailagan.

  2. Andito Lang kami na mga totoong nag mamahal sa Marcoses at sa Bansang Pilipinas. Walang pag alinlangan na c BBMARCOS Ang magiging Presidente Ng Bansang Pilipinas sa 2022,,,

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