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Defense College Highlighted Binay’s Platform

welcome By: Hilario Andes
The National Defense College of the Philippines Alumni Association Inc. (NDCPAAI) where VP Jojo Binay and Senator Loren are Officers is MOVING for what is good for our country. With a 4,000 plus strong membership composed of retired generals who are graduates of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), Corporate Technocrats and Public Servants, the Alumni is poised to contribute its share of duty for a MALINIS, MAPAYAPA AT KAPANI-PANIWALANG HALALAN ngayong May 9, 2016.

The 4 major components of Binay’s governance platform and other agenda are highlighted in this letter:

Dear Fellow NDCP Alumni:

On Monday, 9th May, we, the people, will decide on the future of our beloved nation for the next six years. With so much at stake, we call on everyone to not let pass on our sacred duty and vote whom we think will best lead our country as our next President. As you make your choice, we ask you to seriously consider Vice President Jojo Binay, our very own NDCPAAI President and Chairman of the Board. For those of us who are firmly convinced that VP Binay should be our country’s next leader, we urge you to spread the word to your families, friends, organizations and communities.

We wish to share with you some key points from the Binay Platform of Government as follows:

4 primary components:
• Education
• Healthcare
• Income Tax Exemption (for those earning P30k or less a month)
• 5Ps (Pinalawak na Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, which will cover senior citizens aged 60-64 years old.)

His core governance values are:
• Kakayahan at Karanasan
• Kasama at Kabilang
• Kalinga

VP Binay will implement the successful Makati development model nationwide: Governance to the government, business to the businessmen.

VP Binay is the seasoned chief executive who can lead the country towards more inclusive growth.

A Binay government plans to achieve this with the right mix of economic and social policies and by being sensitive to both the needs of ordinary citizens and those who do business in the country.

So as May 9 approaches, we humbly appeal for your support and vote JOJO BINAY for PRESIDENT.

Let us stand solidly behind our NDCPAAI President and Chairman, VP Binay. Each vote matters. May our voices be heard loud and strong on May 9.


Respectfully yours,


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