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Dela Rosa’s Planted Success?: You want a Chinese Big Time drug lord? Here’s Tan

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
An alleged big time drug lord and shabu laboratory operator and Filipino-Chinese at that was killed in an encounter with the Anti-Illegal Drug Group of the Philippine National Police in Valenzuela on Friday, according to this ABS CBN news but there seems to be no first name published. The media should know that there are many Tans in the Philippines and they are Filipinos. They might be Chinese-Filipinos but still Filipinos.

Tan was accused of operated a shabu laboratory in Naic, Cavite in 2003 allegedly with Jackson Dy, where about 600 kilograms of shabu were confiscated but too bad, Tan whatever his first name is, cannot defend himself anymore in the court of law. The report added that he also operated a shabu laboratory on Scout Chuatoco Street in Quezon City, where more than 70 kilograms of shabu and 3,500 kilograms of ephedrine were allegedly confiscated. Their story was that authorities were supposed to serve a warrant of arrest to Tan – when a running gun battle erupted. However, it’s just a story. ABS CBN did not indicate that the neigbors heard commotions or any accounts of gun battle. Tan was said to be neutralized by operatives of the PNP-AIDG during the encounter perhaps to give credit to the police? The statement that PDEA Director Lapeña inspects crime scene in Valenzuela where Meco tried to escape using his vehicle was added for the glory of the official?

It added for the second time: Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Isidro Lapeña inspected the crime scene where Tan made an attempt to escape using his vehicle. Is this stressing the media promotion of the durector? The SOCO team has arrived to process the crime scene. PNP Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, who was also on the crime scene, stressed that the authorities were able to neutralize a bigtime drug lord. This is the worst news that we ever hear. Even the Director General wanted to take credit in this seems to be planted news. And there you go, dela Rosa’s statement that says; “we already have a Chinese drug lord, so the public complaints are not vital anymore because Tan is a big one – and that all that matters in the police right now; to get the public applause by killing others – but they will fail because for as long as people are hurt whether criminal or not, it will boomerang to them.


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