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Denial of ARMM Tech Exam Does Not Affect Bongbong Marcos’ Pilot Provinces


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Bongbong Marcos earlier asks for a technical examination in three Mindanao provinces allegedly because of the existence of fake voters. Marcos said the revisors need to examine each and every signature in the voter’s list to make sure that the vote is cast by the real voter. Leni Robredo opposes this because those are not Marcos’ pilot provinces. Therefore, it’s denial is not a big deal for the Marcos Camp. Despite the long wait, the election protest against Robredo continues to roll.

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[VIDEO]: PET kicks off discussion on Marcos poll protest, Robredo counter-protest

Stay with Pilot Provinces

Robredo’s camp said that Marcos has to content himself with the results of the recount of ballots from the three pilot provinces. Those are the basis of the PET to determine if Marcos’s protest shall proceed. Examination of other provinces can continue after that or the protest may be dismissed for lack of merit.

No Single Protest Have Won in the Past

“We are highly confident that after such recount the PET can see all the valid grounds and reasons to dismiss Marcos’ protest. Out of the hundreds of election protest cases, not a single election protest won. Particularly by any protestant on the basis of a recount of the ballots,” said Romulo Macalintal. However, the PET itself discloses that there are no other protests like Marcos’ case. In fact, it’s the only one that reaches the payment process.

Marcos is Confident that Recount Will Happen

Marcos has full confidence in the PET. This is the very reason why he files the electoral protest against Robredo. He has paid in full also prior to the deadline. This was not the case in the past protests that Macalintal talks about. Robredo, however, still has paid the second tranch of the required payment.

Dismissal of Motions are Over

Dealing with motions from both Camps is over. They now look forward to opening the ballot boxes. No amount of witnesses can ever surpass the importance of the manual recount itself. The ballots from the pilot provinces of Marcos are the ultimate judge of his victory or defeat during the last VP race against Robredo.

2 thoughts on “Denial of ARMM Tech Exam Does Not Affect Bongbong Marcos’ Pilot Provinces

  1. It seems the fake vp will not have a good Christmas as the truth unravels. By the new year we will have a new vp. How can she show her face when the whole world will know what they did?

    Probably the reason why the fvp has not paid her 2nd tranche is because she knows that she will not win the case. Congrats to BBM for being so patient and calm in dealing with the case. It will be the first time in Phil history that an electoral thief will be caught for the world to see that the rule of law exists. I WONDER WHAT WILL BE THE PENALTY TO THE GUILTY PARTY?

  2. We will never give up supporting BBM even win or loose fake VP. This is the first time in history paying a millions just bec. Of greedy evil desires n first time in history of the Philippines waiting for a protest in a long waits. But congratulations to the patience of BBM bec. He knows he can overpassed the the thief in the nigths leni bec. Truth can never be false. God always revealed the truth even unto death.

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