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Why DENR is Fond of Adding Requirement not on List?

By: Elena Grace Flores
It was hard enough to settle differences among homeowners in cutting a big tree in the neighborhood with special attachments to its dead owner! Lots of hazards have been caused like hindering utility installations and putting the village into danger due to electricity sparks from the wiring trapped in branches. The guardhouse facility projects was also delayed because the tree is on the way! Since we want to be good citizen’s, we really tried to get a DENR permit.

The community then made contact with DENR NCR in Quezon City and was given a list of requirements for the tree cutting permit. It was even stated in the resolution that the owner of the adjacent property where it was planted also consented with the tree cutting plan. The Barangay also issued a No Objection Certificate submitted to the DENR along with the required photos and Letter of Request. After 2 months, we receive phone calls, emails and registered mail telling us that the request is ending due to lack of requirement – despite completing everything on the list!

They still need a letter of No Objection from the property owner near the location of the tree. This is besides the fact that the owner is also one of the directors of the Board of the homeowners association. She signed the resolution and waiting together with the rest of the members of the association for the alleged visit by DENR people. They also requested to be picked up from their Quezon City office because we are located far away in Las Pinas.

So, if this is how a government office serves the public? What progress can we expect in our country in general?


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