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Diary ng Panget Trailer went Viral on Social Media

By: Elena Grace Flores

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It is already a common story in Philippine movies the experiences of an ugly female who turned beautiful in the end. James’ and Nadine’s chemistry must be that powerful in this Diary ng Panget Trailer to be able to generateĀ  more than 2 million clicks in just one week of posting at Youtube. Yes, the scenes are not just funny – but the intense charisma of James will just win hearts regardless of your age. Have a peep:

Diary ng Panget The Movie (OFFICIAL FULL TRAILER)

Posted at Youtube by: Viva Ent

Well, there are just certain things that will not change especially in Philippine masses. Cinderella stories still work and the idea of meeting one’s prince charming in a very odd way remains a fantasy to every girl – even for underdogs. Enjoy watching this movie and contribute to the local film industry. A good one from Viva films!

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