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Diptheria is a Preventable Disease

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Diptheria is caused by bacteria that can infect the skin, nose, tonsils and throat. Physically visible symptoms include enlarged lymph nodes or somewhat oversized neck and reddened skin. Others can be felt and can’t be ignored like difficulty in swallowing and breathing. Slight fever also seems not going away and skin rashes are not only painful but also swollen.

Diptheria can contaminate other people just by having close contact involving the infected area with the affected person or even just the discharge of the infected skin, eyes, nose or throat. It is common in developing or tropical countries.

Diptheria is preventable with DTap, TDaP and Td vaccines and can be cured with antitoxins and antibiotics. This might be a minor disease during its early stage but when getting advanced – the disease can damage the nervous system, heart and kidneys with or without treatment. So, never ignore those common signs because it can save you or your loved ones from the sufferings brought by the symptoms – and from more serious illnesses!

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